What to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Right Residential Door for You & Your Family

Whether you’ve just purchased your first home or are searching for cost effective ways to redesign and renovate your current house, selecting the right residential door can be trickier than you think, as there are several different doors to choose from. Residential doors come in a range of styles, such as bi-fold, hinged, and sliding doors, each of which offer distinct benefits that separate one option from another.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Installing sliding doors into your home design can be a very beneficial move for a number of reasons. For one, these doors make use of aluminum seals and gaskets that help to bolster security for your house, making sure that no one is able to get inside. The locking mechanism is also crafted in a way that prevents the sliding lock from being lifted out of the frame it’s in. These doors are also highly energy efficient, as they offer a substantial amount of thermal insulation that keeps out the elements while also keeping your home warm during the cooler winter months and cool during the summer, allowing you to reduce your monthly energy bills.

One of the best aspects of a sliding door is that it doesn’t come with a hinge like other doors, meaning that you don’t need to swing it open, allowing you to avoid having to make extra space just to open your door. Sliding doors are also known to maximize natural light, as they consist of exceedingly large glass panes without any obstructions to block the light, as is the case with other doors. If you’re styling your home in a modern and simplistic aesthetic, these doors offer a sleek and stylish look that matches well with this particular aesthetic.

Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are unique in that they fold as you open them, providing your home with a distinct aesthetic appearance. These doors have a range of benefits, the most obvious of which is the fact that they are very compact, much more so than sliding doors. When you open a bi-fold door, it folds into itself like an accordion, allowing you to open up your wall entirely instead of having to slide one portion of the door behind another, as is the case with a sliding door.

Similarly to sliding doors, a bi-fold door offers a lot of security to you and your family, as the locking mechanism is spread out over numerous points across the sliding track which is better than other door types that only have one locking point. You’ll also enjoy the fact that bi-fold doors require very little maintenance and can be made spotless by cleaning them on a regular basis with detergent.

Benefits of Hinged Doors

A hinged door is the most common door type for a residential home and offers your house a traditional and classic look that matches well with any aesthetic that you’re going for in the design of your home. Hinged doors are simple, as they open with a mere push or pull of a doorknob. The effortless design of a hinged door means that you don’t need to worry too much about how the door appears and whether or not it would look good when installed in your home. These doors are also very affordable, allowing you to purchase one even when you’re on a tight budget, which might be necessary when you’ve just purchased a new home and need a door installed.

Overall, you should buy the door with the benefits that best match your preferences. If you’re searching for energy efficiency, security, and ample amounts of natural light, considers a sliding door. If a compact design, heightened security, and very little maintenance is what you’re after, a bi-fold door would be your best bet. If all you want is a simple and affordable door with an effortless design, choose the traditional hinged door. Here at Arkay Windows, we provide a range of custom finishes and styles for any design that you select, so contact us today for more information.