Storm Damage Brings New Shutteres

A bad storm came through the neighborhood and had an effect on a lot of the houses that were in the area. Some people had their roof torn off, while others had their windows cracked or broken. On my home, the windows were fine for the most part, except for the plantation shutters. Somehow they were ruined and I had to get new ones to replace them. I looked around on the Internet to find some good deals from some companies, and was able to find a website that had one of the best deals for shutters online. I contacted them and asked them if they could come within the week to put some shutters on my windows.

The company agreed to come out and they took some measurements for the window sizes to determine how large the shutters would need to be. My wife and I had opposing ideas on the kinds of shutters that should be placed on the windows. She wanted to have some that matched the old color of the shutters we had, and I wanted to get some new colors to make the place look a little different. We flipped a coin and I won, so we decided to go with the new colors. I wish we could agree on everything when it came to making changes to our home, but that’s just the way it is around here.

The shutters were installed fairly quickly, and my wife and I took some pictures to upload to our social media accounts to show them off. We wanted to enjoy them while we could, because there was another big storm coming into town and we didn’t know if the shutters would be damaged again like the last set. We were hoping that this would be the only storm of the year.