Shutters That Really Complete a Room

When I joined the local library, a whole new world opened up to me. I am not talking about just the books either. I love reading, but I had been spending my time on ebooks. I wanted to feel the pages as I turned them, which took me to the library. That is where I joined a local book club, and my first meeting was at someone’s house who ended up becoming my best friend here in town. Even before I noticed her amazing personality, I noticed the indoor shutters in the den where we all met.

She definitely has the right touch when it comes to design because I had never been in a room that was decorated so amazingly. I had seen similar rooms on TV shows I like to watch, and I knew that I wanted to find out more than just about the book we were reviewing together. After that first meeting was over, she asked me to stay so we could get to know each other better. I gushed over her shutters, they were that amazing. The shutters are what brought the entire room together to look the way it did.

She told me that she went with a local company that has hundreds of different options. She did not take the credit for picking the shutters out though. She said an interior decorator from the company had come over and helped her pick out the right ones that would create the look she was going for. The wooden shutters are simply gorgeous, and she gave me the information for the store where she bought them from. I only asked after she told me what she had paid for them because I honestly was not sure I could even afford something so nice. I have new shutters in my own house thanks to that conversation, but I also gained the best friend I have ever had too.