Is Home Study Interior Design Right For You

For those that wish to study interior design, home study interior design is becoming increasingly more popular. Many students continue to work and even raise families so taking an online program is much more suited to their lifestyle. A degree in the interior design profession is more important today as well due to the strict regulations imposed by many states. You must pass a qualifying exam in order to call yourself an Interior Designer.

One of the first steps you must take is to research the school you wish to attend. Make sure they are an accredited institution. Find out if home study interior design is available. A nonprofit accreditation body developers guidelines and standards that the interior design schools must maintain. If the school does not meet the guidelines then the school is not accredited. The nonprofit agency is called the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. Some schools that do not have the accreditation may not have applied for it. It is up to the student to do their due diligence. Contact Interior Design firms and ask them what schools they recommend.

The prospective student should research the various programs offered to get a better idea of ​​exactly what program best fits their needs. Find out if financing available for the student. If possible speak to former students, they were able to secure a position that they wanted after graduating. Can the student learn the proper techniques through home study interior design?

Set up an appointment with a faculty member. Find out as much information as possible before committing to a particular school. Try to find out whether students who take home study interior design actually get the same type of jobs as students who physically attend school. Do you have the workspace and time allotted to take on something as challenging as interior design home study? You must answer this important question. Are you ready for the commitment? If you are then it could be one of the most important decisions of your life. …

Tropical Butterflies in the World's Tropical Rainforests

If you are sufficient enough to visit a rainforest you will no doubt be eager to look at the birds and animals within. Yet, for many visitors, although they can hear the sounds of the wildlife, seeing it is another thing. Some of the rainforest`s animals are nocturnal, and the birds are in the canopy of the forest.

One creature you are likely to see, though, is the tropical butterfly.

Butterflies are important rainforest insects. They feed on nectar, and are important because they pollinate flowers.

Tropical butterflies are often larger than those you may see in your garden, and many boast beautiful colors. The green of the forest is an ideal backdrop for the brilliant blue, red, and yellow butterflies that flit about in the clearings. Apart from these traditional colors, in South America you may also see butterflies with transparent wings. Not all butterflies are colorful, some are camouflaged to leave leaves, or the bark of trees.

Tropical rainforests are the most diverse ecosystems on earth. The number of different butterfly species inhabiting the rain forest is amazing. An eight-square kilometer area of ​​rainforest contains as many as 1500 species of flowering plants, 750 species of trees, 125 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, 100 species of reptiles, 60 species of amphibians, and 150 species of butterflies. More than half of the world's plant and animal species inhabit the 6 percent of the world that is covered in rainforest.

Although a butterfly's wing may exhibit a full range of colors, these hues generally do not depend on many different pigments. The wing compacts a transparent membrane on which thousands of tiny scales are attached, and each scale usually has just one pigment. However, scales of different colors combine to give the impression to the observer of yet another color.

In a study by The University of Exeter, UK, research appears in the journal Science. The study concluded that fluorescent patches on the wings of African swallowtail butterflies work in a very similar way to high emission light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Unlike your garden at home, because most flowers bloom high up in the canopy, where they provide nectar for the butterflies, they can not be seen by a visitor on the ground. Fortunately, male butterflies come down to earth for salt. It is thought that the mating process may deple them of necessary minerals, which they replenish by sucking up moisture from wet ground. Thus, a damp forest path or the edge of a small stream may prove the ideal place to observe the butterflies of the rain forest. This partly explains why males institute the vast majority of butterflies clustering around salty ground. Butterflies seek out salt to obtain additional compounds that need to function as adults; the plants they ate when they were caterpillars had low levels of some critical compounds. For example, plant tissues have relatively little salt, which is essential for all animals.

If all you leave with your memories of the beautiful …

Landscaping Tips For Your Lawn After Your Swimming Pool Has Been Removed

Once you and your family have outgrown your swimming pool or nobody is using it anymore, you will have no qualms about having it removed. There are different methods for removing them and you have to consider different factors such as your budget and the look of your lawn after its removal when choosing the most suitable one.

In case you’ve already had your pool removed, your next concern may be what to do with this area. The good news is that there are different ways for you to enhance this area to contribute to the beauty and functionality of your lawn.

Below are some tips for landscaping your filled or removed swimming pool:

Island of shrubbery. Spread a 4-inch layer of organic matter, such as garden compost or well-rotted manure, into the soil using a garden fork organic matter to the area where a pool once stood. This will make for rich soil for an island bed of shrubbery. According to experts, areas usually deprived of sunlight and water for many seasons need organic matter to encourage soil-dwelling organisms to thrive. This, in turn, will open up the soil and provide nutrients for plant roots. Mix. Swimming pools are commonly placed in a sunny spot so plants that thrive in sun, such as Rose Creek abelia, will grow best in this area. Also, place stepping stones across the area so that you can avoid stepping on the soil as you tend to the plants.

Additional turf in your lawn. Meadow grasses and wildflowers grow well in low-nutrient, sandy soil, like the one left over from the level, smooth base of a swimming pool. Before starting a new turf area, make sure you prevent weeds from taking over later by germinating them and then removing the seedlings. Before sowing, help prevent weeds taking over later by germinating them and then removing the seedlings. For the next two weeks, water the ground thoroughly and remove all weeds as they appear. Make sure the area is free of weeds before spreading meadow grass and wildflower seeds to get great results and avoid various problems.

A new hardscaped area. Lastly, the area where your pool once stood is a great place for creating an area of hardscaping and container plants. In general, an above-ground pool typically compacts the ground, leaving a depression after its removal, and hardscaping materials, such as pavers, brick and flagstones. To have a hardscaped area, simply spread a layer of sand as deep as needed so that the hardscaping materials lie level with the surrounding ground. You can use sand to fill gaps between pavers or other materials.…

Traveling in Your Host Country For ESL Teachers

Teaching ESL overseas is a challenge. One of the first challenges with teaching abroad is transportation in your host country. Apart from the United States and Canada most countries use public transportation or mass transit to move their population around. If you have a chance to go to New York or Chicago then use those cities' to practice in before you go. Chicago has the elevated trains for commuters as well as regular trains and buses. New York has the subway and share taxis. Theses share taxis typically follow a route and hold from six to twenty people depending on how many they can shove in.

In the Philippines they are called Jeepnease. In Turkey they are called Dolmush. They will usually take you on routes off of the standard transportation routes that buses follow but not always. Many young people will recognize you as a foreigner and want to practice their English conversation skill with you. Some of them learn English online for free and need a native speaker to practice their conversation skills. They will often be very helpful if you need it.

Buses are a common mode of transportation for between cities. Most countries buses are fantastic. Some even have stewards to serve tea and snacks during the journey. The bathroom facilities on public transportation can be pretty bad so go for you go. Also, always have the necessary hygiene products and anti-diarrhea medicine with you at all times. Door knobs, handles and other peoples' hands are a leading way that you will get sick so wash them, wash them and wash them again after traveling. Bus lines will often give you the option of buying a one way or round trip ticket. Always buy the round trip ticket. You may want to take a detour on your trip but at least you have a way home. If buses seats are not sold many times that run will be canceled potentially leaving you stranded.

Taxis are last on the list because of expense and the isolation that they create between you and the local culture. First they are expensive on an ESL teacher's salary. Even if they are affordable, it is very easy to get taken by a driver fwho didnt turn on the meter or took you for a joy ride and wants full fair. This can break your budget in one bad cab ride. However, keep enough money in your pocket to jump in one during a blizzard or other emergency. The second and more important reason to avoid taxis is that it isolates you from the local culture. The other teachers and the students will be on public transportation. Many good relationships were born and new things learned by talking in the line at the station or bus stop. It also shows them that you are not better than they are but one of them.

The only mode of transportation that you do not want to buy local are your footwear. Have at least …

Electric Heater – Protection And Safety

Although electricity is the safest and most convenient fuel in many heating situations, it is of course not without its inherent risks. Although there is no possibility of a silent killer, like carbon monoxide, emitting into the atmosphere, the dangers of faulty wiring and the utilization of electrical equipment in areas where water is present create a different kind of danger.

Modern equipment has, of course, eliminated the risks of injury or death from all kinds of electrical equipment. In the case of electric heaters, this includes the use of synthetic polymers in wiring, which are similar to rubber in their ability to insulate. Also, modern circuit breakers are able to disable a circuit in the case of a short circuit, or overloaded system.

Sadly electric space heaters are still responsible for many accidents and deaths, despite these modern advances. Fire, rather than electrocution, remains the biggest danger. These fires, often caused by malfunctioning elements or careless use of the heater, are liable not only for injuries and deaths every year, they also cause millions of pounds of damage to buildings and property.

The elements of many electric space heaters are not only dangerous if they malfunction, the inherent heat can in itself be a hazard. If the heater is not placed a safe distance away from neighboring furnishings, extremely flammable materials can be set alight, often emitting dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Although rules relating acceptable materials in furnishings have been tightened considering in recent years, many old items remain in circulation.

As well as items of furniture, curtains are a major problem. This is due heaters tend to be placed at the edge of a room, allowing the heat to reach all parts of it. Also, as the area in the vicinity of windows tend to be the coldest part of a room, the heater is often placed in this area, making the risk of overheating curtains a very real possibility.

Paper items are also very much at risk, as well as items of clothing, which are often deliberately placed near to heaters to get rid of cold or damp. Of course it goes without saying that all kinds of flammable liquid must be kept well away from fires and heaters. Still, despite this being obvious, thousands of accidents occur every year because this simple advice is completely ignored.

Water is especially hazardous when using an electric heater. Even though there are never any electrical power points in a modern bathroom, which in itself is testimony to the danger of electricity mixed with water, modern homes are often fitted with a stand-alone electric heater on the wall. In this case it is especially important to make sure that all necessary safety checks are carried out on a regular basis. Of course you should absolutely never bring an extension lead into a bathroom so you can use an electric space heater.

If you are going to use electricity to heat your home, especially if you are going to use …

How to Declutter Your Home in 12 Simple Steps

Living in a home that is as cluttered as a dump site may give a negative impression of you and your family to others but by the same argument, if you live in an immaculately tidy and organized house then your visitors may think of you along the lines of the 'sign' I mentioned at the beginning of this article and do you want to be thought of as 'dull and boring' – why heck no!

Below are some suggestions for finding a happy medium, where friends will view you in a positive light as a well-organized and tidy household without being fanatical about it.

So let's assume that your house is a total disaster area and you need to radically improve all areas of the whole house. This is going to be a huge task no matter how large or small your house is but the principles to follow are going to be exactly the same.

  1. First make a list prioritizing which room or areas of the house need your urgent attention. Dealing with the worst areas first will make such a positive impact affect how you feel that you will be encouraged to continue.
  2. Work on that area and that area alone. Do not get drawn into starting on a second area before the first area is complete.
  3. Estimate how much time each room / area will take to complete. Do not expect to have everything done in one day. In fact it might take you several weeks to complete all the tasks especially if you have limited time available to spend de-cluttering your home so be realistic with your time scales.
  4. Breaking down each task task will help you stop becoming overwhelmed with the number of tasks that you have to do.
  5. Make sure that you stick to the 'one task at a time' and mark it off your list so that seeing the items ticked off also provides you with a positive feeling or achievement and seeing the ticks get longer and the list of tasks getting shorter will encourage and motivate you to continue onto your next task.
  6. The actual cleaning of the rooms will more than likely be the most time-consuming so I would start with this.
  7. Group items of clutter together and put them straight into piles or bin-liners if possible, by this I mean if you have old clothes put them in one bag all together, put shoes in a separate bag together, the same with electrical items or plastic items and then put papers, magazines or books together in a further separate bag.
  8. By keeping the items grouped but in separate piles you have already saved yourself an additional sorting out job for example any paper that need recycling are already all together and can just get recycled immediately and quickly as can the electrical or plastics and the old clothes or shoes can either be donated or sold.
  9. Do not finish until you have completed that first room or area

French Tapestries Add Romance To Your Home Decor

Tapestries have been around since mankind first learned how to weave. In fact, some of the earliest examples date back to the time of the ancient civilizations who created looms that could create amazing works of art that were also functional.

Of course, most experts will tell you that the very best tapestries came from France, when the very best weavers in the world – those toiling away in the manufacturings in Gobelins – created some of the most beautiful tapestries ever designed.

Many of these were influenced by the French artists of the time. Back then, it was common to take paintings, even those from relatively unknown artists of their time, and create tapestries from them.

Today, we can benefit from their passion for their work for they have preserved some of the greatest works in woven form. This is particularly true in the case of French painters, including the groundbreaking work of Francois Boucher.

Boucher was extremely versatile. While he could paint scenics and portraits, his first love was the world of enchantment. As a young artist of just 20, he won the Prix de Rome. At 31, he was a member of the Academie Royale and worked on his first commission for Versailles the following year.

A leading proponent of the Rococo style, he became the supervisor of the Gobelins manufacturer, which was to have a significant and lasting impact on the arts through Europe, from porcelain to tapestry.

His romantic themes can be found in all of his works done during this time. Though often copied, Boucher's work has been rarely equaled, except by the likes of Rubens.

Adding his French tapestries to your home instills a romantic touch that is both distinctive and sophisticated. Few artists have mastered the delicate balance between fantasy and reality as Boucher's paintings and resulting tapestries, whether it is a simple romantic scene or a pastoral landscape.

That may be one of the reasons his French tapestries are so popular today. They recall a simpler, more romantic time that many collectors and homeowners long to portray in their residences.

Since the original Boucher's are priceless, these French tapestries are a great way to portray his brilliance without busting a budget. It also lets visitors know that you not only know art, but artistry as well. While it's easy to buy a copy of his painted work, a tapestry shows that you have a love of Boucher and fine tapestries at the same time.

In the world of French tapestries, the work of Francois Boucher plays an important role. His body of work spans history, mythology, landscape, portraits and ordinary life so it's reliably easy to find a work that fits your decor and personal tastes in art.

One thing is for sure. Boucher's artistry will not only add beauty to your home, but a touch of romance and sensual intrigue that you'll love for years to come. …

Seven Golden Rules To An Abundant Garden

A Successful Garden in not a matter of luck or years of experience and hard work. Simply start by applying these seven keys to success. Then build on them by experimenting reading and talking to other gardeners. Those are the best sources for gardening tipsand help.

Inside or outdoors, gardening is both a popular and satisfying leisure time activity. There are many different ways to grow plants and places in which to grow them. Although plants have different needs, all plant care has seven factors in common.

  • Space:

The first thing in growing plants is deciding where to put them. Choose from a variety of pots in different types and sizes, window boxes, greenhouses, beds, borders, and of course the garden plot.

Space for plants also means giving them the room they need to grow. Some plants do well bunched closely together, while others, like large trees, may require several feet of room between them.

  • Nutrition.

Plants get the nutrients they need mainly from their growing medium. Today's gardeners can opt for many different mediums and methods of growing plants.

When growing plants outdoors, a soil test provides you with information on the composition of your soil. Depending on the type of plant you want to grow, you may need to "adjust" your soil to provide your plants with necessary drainage, moisture retention, and the organic compounds.

NPK Fertilizers contain nitrogen (N), potassium (P), and potash (K). Each component serves a purpose. However, fertilizers are a plant supplement and not the main meal! Real nutrition for soil-grown plants comes from soil rich with organic compounds.

Potted plants grow in various potting mixtures depending on the cultivars and the method used to grow them. Along with soil based and part soil growing mediums, some plants grow without soil! Hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic gardening are three forms of soil-less gardening.

  • Temperature.

Growing plants at the right temperatures is essential for successful gardening. Winter hardy plants that do well in temperate areas frequently will not tolerate warm climates.

Conversely, tropical plants typically will not withstand frost and need to live indoors during cold northern winters. House plants, as well, also have maximum and minimum temperature requirements.

  • Light.

Light is the most important factor in plant growth. During photosynthesis, plants use light to collect carbon dioxide molecules and convert them into sugar, an energy-producing nutrient for plants.

Outdoor light classifications may be from shade to full sun, with varying degrees of light tolerances, such as "part shade" or "part sun", in between. Indoor classifications are often termed as "bright light", "bright-filtered light", "indirect light", and "low light".

  • Water.

Of course, you'll need to water your plants. However, when and how much vary from variety to variety of plant. Some plants require consistently moist soil, while others like a good drink, but will not tolerate wet feet and some plants, like cacti, need very little water at all!

  • Air.

Plants breathe just like people do and like people, need fresh clean air. However, in addition …

Learn How to Make Money Taking Photographs

Thanks to the internet and digital cameras there's a huge market now for selling all kinds of photos featuring themes, styles, topics, etc.

There is money to be made from taking and selling photographs. Taking pictures is easy, fun and you can work at your own pace. You do not have to be a professional photographer or have a college degree. All you need to get started is a digital camera, computer and a photo-editing program (Adobe Photo Shop, etc). You do not have to be a professional photographer or have a college degree.

The market for photographs is huge. Estimates show magazines and newspapers buy over 50 million photos a year,

There are many different ways you can make money with your digital camera. You can make money taking and selling photographs for people's personal use, decor, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, memories, portraits, weddings and pets.

Clearly to be a success in making money taking photographs includes tips on finding the best revenue sources for your type of work. Depending on what method you choose to market your photographs with you will either be selling them per download via sites such as Stock and Prints, Crestock, iStockphoto, Dreamstime etc. or local Business People, Travel Agents, Realtors, Car Lots or even directly to clients on a contract basis. Photographers are needed in many fields. For instance many people use car web sites and they sell their products as a result of photography. People celebrate special occasions more with photography, than they did years ago. The travel and advertising markets have a great need for landscape, travel and nature shots. The key to finding your clients is simple: find out where they buy their current photographs and make yourself visible there!

These are some of the photograph markets that will pay you for taking pictures:

Magazine Editors
Scrap Bookers
Business People
Peoples Pets
Travel Agents
Web Designers

There are many other markets that you can check out that you can sell photographs to.

Learning how to make money with your camera via the internet can be reliably easy. All you need is to get enough determination to give this endeavor everything. You must also have the initiative. This will ensure that you make the first move to making the business a success.

Almost anyone with the right camera equipment, and the necessary skills can set up a home business, marketing photography. You only need to convert a room of your house into an office, and then you can work immediately. Because you have modern technology in the form of digital cameras, you do not even need the room for a dark room.

The technical skills needed to make a successful photographer have never been easier. The market for photographs of almost every type has widened, the world looks to have an insatiable appetite for photographs. . For instance many people use car web sites, they simply did not exist ten years ago, and they sell their products …

5 Great Health Tips to Give You More Energy

Fitness Levels

During the winter months we tend to get out of the habit of exercising. Spring time is a great excuse to renew that exercise time and get back into shape. This will also help to increase your energy levels. The key is to begin slowly and gradually. All you need is 15 to 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day. You do not even have to leave the house to do this as simple household chores or running up and down the stairs can give you a good workout.

Energy levels

We tend to cover ourselves up and hide in doors during the winter months. We also tend to use coffee and other caffeine drinks to give us a boost of energy. However, with the brighter and warmer days it is a great opportunity to get outdoors and catch a natural energy booster through the sun's rays. You can combine this with simple deep breathing exercises to re-energize you and get your blood flowing through the body. Begin by breathing in slowly for a count of six and then hold for a second and release slowly for a count of six. Ensure you breathe right down to the pit of your stomach.

Your Mental Well Being

As well as your body your mind plays an important role in regulating your energy levels. Therefore, it is important to keep it active and stimulated. If you are in the habit of crashing on the sofa and watching TV in your spare time this will lower your energy levels as most TV is not very stimulating. Break the habit by getting involved with activities that are going to use more brain cells. This can involve playing card or board games with family or friends.

Your Free Time

During the warmer and brighter days it is wise to make the most of outdoor activities. If you are to live by or close to the sea use a warm sunny day as an excuse to take you and the family to the beach for a picnic. The combination of being outdoors and breathing in that refreshing sea breeze will do wonders for your energy levels. You may also find that a day at the sea seems to make you sleep hardly at night.

The Food You Eat

What you eat plays an important role in how you feel and the energy levels you have. The foods to eat that will boost your energy levels are plenty of fruit, vegetables including salads, lean meats and plenty of water. …