Fireplace Screen Made With Brass – A Stylish Protection

Homes with a fireplace need a fireplace screen to offer security and protection from fireplace. You get fireplace screens with the most latest and sophisticated design. Brass screens are one of the top quality screens today. Due to their negative heating point, brass screens are the most favored screens for a fireplace. You can find a large variety in brass screens as well. As there are different kinds of fireplace at different homes, there is a good option for you to decide which brass screen will be perfect for your fireplace.

Compare the price of other types of screen made of brass. While the screens made of brass coating are less pricey, the screens with solid brass are costly. Yet you will find a number of models which you prefer at your fireplace. We can take a look at some of the screens of brass that are accessible.

First let us take a look at the brass screens that are polished with brass. You can find them the most popular of all, as they are low cost. Screens that have polished brass have brass on the finish instead of a whole solid brass. It gives a polished brass finish to the screens and to keep them safe from being tarnished a lacquer is applied to the brass.

Another type of brass screen is the one with solid brass known as antique solid screens of brass. You will find these to be very expensive because of the pure brass that has been used. They are available in shades of gold tinge and brownish tone. An antique solid screen that has a Pewter finish is a good choice for the homes whose interiors are soft colored and Pewter finish is also of neutral shade of gray. They also add that rustic look due to the copper cast in an antique brass screens with copper cast.

Other types of screens of brass have tones of black in them which will suit a particular type of homes depending on their interiors. So if you want to make a fireplace, you know what to have as a screen to beautify your interiors.

Maintenance is a must, for a fireplace that is constantly working. Cleaning and the other necessary chores have to done from time to time. Brass screens need a typical clean-up procedure, but not with any sort of complications, simply take mixture made of vinegar, warm water and salt, apply it on the screen and let it stay for 10 minutes. Now take a brush to scour the screens and then finish it off with a moist cloth.

Your choice is very important so that it harmonizes the décor of your home. The style, design and materials should be perfect for your schemes of the house.

A fireplace screen made of brass shields you from the harmful residues and ashes that keep flying and also helps in giving the home a cozy and comfortable look.