Finding the Right Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can be a safe as well as decorative addition to your yard decor. You may find lighting to run along a wall, mounted on stakes or stand alone in some other way. There are even solar powered choices for the eco-friendly consumer. All you have to do is determine your needs and preferences to choose what type of garden lights best fit your home.

If you would like a practical lighting solution that blends into your natural surroundings, faux stones are a great option. For instance, you may find a Tricod solar-powered spotlight for less than $25. This faux stone can run up to 10 hours when it is fully charged and turn on automatically when it grows dark. The Tricod stone-shaped spotlight is similar and also turns on automatically at dark as well as runs on solar power.

If you are into more elegant styles, the Society Hill wall lantern is designed in antique brass. You may mount this on a wall surface and it does require a hard wire installation, so a professional may be needed to properly install the unit. Still, you can find it for less than $30.

Whimsical and fun might be more up your alley. In this case, you may want to consider something like the color-changing moon face star wind chime. This solar-powered devices changes colors automatically and lasts 10 hours when it is fully charged. The LED bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours and turns on automatically in the dark. It is easy to install and costs less than $15.

There are many options available for your garden lighting needs. Best of all, many do not require you to use any additional power so you can save money will both protecting and decorating your home. Just decide what type is right for you.