Does The Mother of the Bride Carry Flowers?

When I got married 30 years ago, my mother wore a small corsage that was made of the same flowers as the bridal bouquets. It fit her outfit perfectly. That was the trend at the time and wearing a corsage happened to work for the outfit she wore, but what about today?

Wedding Flowers for Mother of the Bride and the Bridal Party

First, let’s talk a little about flowers at the wedding. (That’s a whole topic in itself!) The bride’s bouquet is the ‘centerpiece’ of the wedding. This bouquet is what should receive the most attention and be the most elaborate and beautiful.

The flowers for the mother of the groom, bridesmaids, grandmothers and other female relatives of the bride and groom should be smaller and more simple than the bridal bouquet.

Flowers are given to the other bridal party members as a gesture that they, too, are important to the bride.

Giving flowers to the mother of the bride is a sweet gesture that notes the importance of the mother of the bride, all of her contributions to the wedding planning and her presence at the ceremony. She should be part of picking out the arrangement that she either wears or carries since it will affect the overall look of her outfit that day.

In order to make the most of this gesture, the mother and the daughter should discuss what would work best with the wedding decor, the featured wedding flowers AND the style and color of the mother of the bride dress.

Mother of the Bride Dress Also Determines Her Flowers

Depending on the dress, the mother may still choose to wear a small corsage, of course, or she may choose to carry a small bouquet of flowers during the wedding. She could also choose just to carry a single flower such as a rose. As I mentioned, the mother of the bride dress will dictate what’s best for her as well as her own personal style.

Another unique idea (once again, depending on the dress) is to pin a small corsage to the waistline sash where a sparkly brooch might go.

If there is a step-mother at the wedding, it would also be a nice gesture to present her with flowers as a kind, sentimental touch.

Bridal Flower Choices

Ultimately, the size and make-up of the floral arrangements and the people that receive them are up to the bride and what fits with her style, the theme of the wedding and her sentiments.