Examining the Wusthof Catalog

Wusthof has been one of the biggest names in knives since 1814. Operating from Solingen, Germany, the “Cutlery Capital” of the world, they continue to produce knives that are used by top chefs and four-star kitchens the world over. These knives are the favorites of many prominent chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and James Martin. This high quality is the result of a rigorous system of forty separate processes that go into the forging of each and every blade.

Wusthof offers many different series of knives, from those aimed at culinary aficionados looking to improve their kitchen to those tailored for top restaurants. Read on for an overview of the current product catalog, set by set. You’re sure to find a knife or knife set that is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Emerilware collection of knives bears the mark of star chef Emeril Legassi, who has used Wusthof knives throughout his career and on his popular show, Emeril Live! Emeril himself handpicked the knives in this set. These blades are designed with ergonomic handles for comfortable cutting. The handles have a pebble grain, slip-resistant finish to reduce kitchen accidents. The blades are made of a stain resistant steel alloy that should last a long time. Easily sharpened, these knives are super sharp and hold their edge well.

Emerilware knives are some of the most modestly priced in the catalog. Priced at prices that all of his fans can afford, these knives still live up the standards of Wusthof quality. A full 18-piece Emerilware set goes for around $150, while individual knives are generally around $20 each. Other knives in this price range include the Silverpoint collection, the design on which many Emerilware knives are based.

For someone looking for a mid-range option, the Le Cordon Bleu collection is an excellent choice. These lightweight knives feature a seamless triple-riveted handle, with the Wusthof logo prominently displayed. With their reduced weight and superior balance, these knives are great for reducing fatigue from lengthy cutting jobs. Precision forged, the blades are some of the sharpest in the catalog.

Knives in the Wustof Le Cordon Bleu collection run about $50 each individually, while you can acquire a 14 piece set for $400. These knives are a great investment – they are all full tang knives, meaning that the metal that anchors the blade to the handle goes all the way into the handle, which makes the blade very stable and sturdy. Other knives in this price range include the Gourmet and Grand Prix collections, which features a different type of handle.

If price is no object, a high-end option from Wusthof is the Ikon set. Ikon knives feature a unique new triple-riveted handle design optimized for the perfect feel in your hand. The handle is constructed of Grenadill, or Mozambique Ebony, one of the toughest woods available. These knives are precision forged, giving them incredible sharpness and durability. The edges of these blades are laser tested to ensure maximum sharpness. Most …

Preparing for Times of Disaster

Whether you live in the western united states and have suffered fires and drought, or the eastern coast and endured hurricanes and flooding, chances are you may experience one or more natural disasters in your lifetime. Being prepared won’t take away the trial, but it will help you to recover as well as sustain you until damage can be restored again. There are three basic ways you can prepare for a disaster.

1. SECURE YOUR HOME. You may not necessarily notice the heavy vases stored above the kitchen cabinets, bookshelves packed with books in the den, or the glass mirror in the hallway as being potential hazards in your home, but during flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes, these items could cause injury. Securing heavy furniture to the walls could prevent them from tipping over onto someone. Strapping your water heater to the foundation of the house will keep it from falling and the pipes from breaking. If the water heater is damaged, gas could leak and valuable water could empty out. You can take inventory of every room in your home to see how to storm-proof and keep your family safe. Remove heavy items from upper shelves and place them on lower shelves. Install latches on cabinets containing glassware, and secure pictures, mirrors, and other wall hangings with earthquake-proof hooks. Keep shoes or slippers near your bed. If a disaster were to occur during the night, you may need to access them immediately to protect your feet from possible broken glass or sharp metal. Also, keep a flashlight in an accessible place in every room to utilize as a light source.

2. STORE FOOD, WATER, AND EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. If a disaster happens, it is likely that grocery stores will be out of commission for a while. You may have to rely, for a time, on the food you have within your home. Store the food your family likes and keep a few extra treats on hand to help bring comfort during a time of chaos or uncertainty. Store water in case your water supply becomes contaminated. Store enough for drinking as well as hygiene and cooking needs. Additionally, have first-aid supplies on hand as well as flashlights and batteries, extra blankets, cash, extra toiletries and feminine supplies, a manual can-opener, and any other basic needs you may have as you shelter-in-place. It would be a good idea to have a wrench to turn off any utilities such as power and gas.

3. HAVE A FAMILY PLAN. Whether you draw up a fire escape plan, or write out a strategy for evacuating, create a family plan for any type of disasters. Review with your family the possible scenarios in each case of an emergency. Establish well-thought-out solutions that will keep your family safe and help each other to make contact with one another in case you are ever to be separated. Have a meeting place to go, or a main contact person, such as grandparents or out-of-state family members to connect …

Home Decor – Picking Paint Color Part I

One of the easiest ways to change the entire look of a room is to paint it or change the current paint color. Most people leave their walls white, because they have no idea what color they want to use in a room or which walls they should paint. There are so many different ways to apply paint to a room. You can paint this wall but not that one. Paint this wall a light color and that one a dark color. Paint all the walls dark and use white for the trim. Maybe you want to paint the ceiling. There are a lot of decisions to make. When it comes to paint you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do until you know what color(s) you want in a room. What walls or ceiling you paint depends entirely upon the mood you want for that room, and if you have a dark color or a light color.

The first thing to think about when picking a paint color is to choose what room you are going to start decorating. Starting with a smaller room is a good idea just in case you don’t like the results. If you don’t, you can always start over. Bathrooms are usually a good place to start because of their size. Applying new home decor to any room where you are changing the entire look, can get expensive if you choose a room that is too big. Focus on one of the smaller rooms in your home when just getting started.

The second thing to think about when picking paint color is to determine the mood you want to set for that room. What room are you planning to decorate? The bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. How do you want to feel when you walk into the room. Do you want a soothing and relaxing room to go to when you’re tired or stressed out? Do you want a bright and bold room with a lot of pizzazz What type of feeling do you want portrayed inside the room? If you already have decorations and don’t want to replace them, you will need to choose a color that compliments the current home decor. If you are planning to replace everything and can start over fresh, you can choose a color you like or one that portrays the mood you are looking for.…

Kitchen Colors That Work For You

A kitchen can be a fun room to decorate. You probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen so why not give it a little of your personality? Adding to your walls, counter-tops, floor and cabinets can make your kitchen an infinitely more enjoyable place to work. You can use a color scheme in your kitchen to really define the look and feel of your space, so go ahead and make it your own.

Modern Vibe – There is something a little wonderful about working in a kitchen that you love. You can create energy in your kitchen by bringing in colors like cobalt blue or a bright, sunny yellow. You may choose to saturate your appliances with color, or you may choose to leave them neutral, so that you can easily change your color scheme around them.

Warm and Wonderful – If you enjoy nothing more than entertaining in your kitchen, why not set it aglow with warm earth tones. This color palette creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere throughout your space that is sure to make your guests feel right at home.

Laid Back – You can create a wonderful casual feel in your kitchen so that anyone who enters will enjoy the space. Green is a soothing color, and it will work well to create balance in your kitchen. It is also an organic color, so it works well when you combine it with an environment filled with food. Add some yellow accents and your kitchen will simply be delicious.

Industrial Lines – If you like a clean and clear space to work in, then you may prefer a more industrial vibe for your kitchen space. Stainless steel and white make a kitchen that exudes cleanliness, and it provides a great backdrop for any accessories or focal point that you want to display.

Romantic Response – If you would much rather cook your romantic dinner at home than go out to a restaurant, then this is the look for you. Use warm wood tones and dark colors to give your kitchen a rich and luxurious feel. As you light your candles to enjoy your romantic dinner the dark tones of the room will highlight the romance of the candle's glow.

As you are designing your perfect kitchen there are a few things that you want to keep in mind.

Continuity – Even when you are using color to create a strong mood in your kitchen, you will want to connect it to the rest of your home's decor to keep it feeling cohesive. One of the easiest ways to do this is to pull a color from an adjoining room and include it in your kitchen.

Coordinate – While counter-tops and flooring are pretty permanent fixtures in your home, you can use wall color to link your room to the rest of the house and to make it feel balanced. For example, if you have a granite counter-top, you can choose a color from the granite …

Dining Tables – The Foundation For Your Dining Room

As the traditional place for eating and entertaining, the dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. With this in mind, the dining table serves as the apex of this room, for without the dining table, how does one dine and entertain? Everyone will agree that great food and a great arrangement will make a great dining experience, but dining tables do more than just serve great dinners. Besides their inherent functionality, dining tables evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and togetherness; they also enhance the atmosphere of the home, with or without without meals. For these reasons, dining tables are extremely important and should there before be an investment: they are not something you simply purchase and plan to discard a few years down the road. When planning the dining room, choose a dining table that you will want at least ten years from now. Keeping this in mind will help you select the appropriate dining table for your needs and style.

Dining tables comes in all shapes, styles, colors and sizes. How many people will be housed at the table, now and in the future? What is the size of the dining room? What décor is your kitchen and dining room in? These are some of the questions to bear in mind when searching for and selecting your dining table. There are both light and dark woods to select from, just remember how the color of the wood will accent the décor already found in the room. Will you add a table cloth? What about the seats and seat cushions? All of these ideas should be considered when selecting your dining table.

Dining tables can include buffet style service accessories or even a hutch. If you regularly serve guests or just have a large family, the buffet style dining table may be ideal for you. It can also serve as an additional to the traditional dining table: if your dining room as the space, a buffet can be placed along the edge of one wall, decorated and set in the event extra service or seating space is needed. The hutch is similarly useful. It can store the dining items that are not used as often, but make them accessible and ready for use when the need arrives. The hutch can also house the more expensive and valuable pieces of dining ware, such as crystal or china. These are the items you might not want to leave out on the dining table, especially if your home has children or pets.

Whatever the style or use, the dining table is the foundation of the dining and entertaining experience. They are an asset to the home and the heart of any family gathering. Take care in choosing your dining table, for it will be there for years to take care of your needs. …

Home Water Filtration for Shower and Drinking Purpose

Home water filtration is one of the best ways for having your own sturdy supply of pure water without spending cash for bottled water. Even though, bottled spring water, for example, tastes and smells good and fresh, you do have to remember delivery dates, carry the bottles, and pay the bills. For majority of the populace, it just does not make sense when you can open the tap in the kitchen and find all the water you warn for.

Definitely, if that faucet water was as clean and pure as bottled spring water, then it would not make any sense for buying the water. However, tap water is a dicey proposition worldwide and even the best municipal water takes care that water is chlorine and chemicals free. If you browse through analysis information provided by your municipality or water district, then you might be shocked about what kind of chemicals and particles are tolerable in your consuming water.

Majority of the home water filtration systems involve reverse osmosis as the units are minute enough to install benefit a kitchen sink and because this is an extremely competent process. Do look into diverse varieties of units, abruptheless, because the more filters, the more stages the water goes through. The significance of this is that every stage eliminates majority of the impurities found in tap water.

If you believe that purchasing bottled water is a hassle, think about the handiness of revolving your tap water into great water with the installation of home water filtration system. You may be shocked by how good it smells and tastes, for this is one of the characteristics of the reverse osmosis method. For sure, you will be consuming safe and clean water free from all the harmful chemicals and bacteria.

For more information on home water filtration system, please visit, http://www.aquasana.us …

Turn On The Kitchen Lights

An entertainment area, a comfort zone, a place full of activities … the kitchen is a very versatile space found in today's modern homes. The kitchen is the place to bond with your toddler making cookies and gingerbread men. It is a place where family members meet together after a full day of activities in school and work. Food and stories are shared within the confines of the kitchen. Everyone loves this place. Make it something more than just a place full of aroma and clanging utensils. Make it your special space.

To make a kitchen more inviting, it needs not just good quality cabinets, adequate working area, highly functional accessories and appliances but also well designed lighting scheme.

To make the lighting scheme work, you need three basic lighting forms. These are ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting provides for the general illumination of the room. Natural daylight and high overhead manufactured lighting such as ceiling, recessed, track or mounted fixtures are some sources of ambient lighting. Larger kitchens may require one or more ceiling fixtures positioned in the center of the room. Additional perimeter squares or rectangles of lights placed near the walls should be installed for added illumination. These can be in the form of recessed downlight or track lighting. On the other hand, small kitchens may require only either two or three ceiling mounted fixtures or downlight placed near the walls. Designers suggest that a good ambient lighting needs to have a variation of fixtures. Do not limit yourself to a single ceiling mounted fixture, which often creates shadows. Ambient lighting can be served well by fluorescent lamps. These can be in the form of recessed downlight or ceiling mounted fixtures. Incandescent bulbs will also do. These can be used in ceiling mounted fixtures including chandeliers and recessed downlight. Ambient lighting can also be achieved by installing indirect lighting. This can create glare free light. Most indirect lightings are installed underneath wall cabinets or on top of kitchen cabinets. Indirect lighting offers an interesting and eye catching form of light from reflected source. Strip light is an example of indirect lighting that is often installed on top of cabinets. This adds to the general lighting of the room.

In order to perform your work more accurately in the kitchen, you need to have adequate lighting or task light in the key work areas. These work areas include the counter, range, sink, island and table. Countertops are areas where food preparation is often done. These are often illuminated with shallow fluorescent fixtures that are attached to the cabinet's underside. Experts also suggest using low voltage fluorescent mini lights. The task light should reach two-thirds of the counter. It is also important that the available lighting will not shine people's eyes. You can avoid this by choosing shielded lights, or bulbs with mesh diffusers. These will reduce the glare. Designers suggest decorative pendant lights over a table or an island. An alternative option is a …

How to Find the Perfect Tuscan Kitchen Curtains

Fostering a sense of warmth and comfort, that is the raison d'être of Tuscan kitchen curtains. Of course, they do take immunity pride in their traditional proclivity of adding to the glam quotient of the room that they grace. And privacy? Sure, they do not disappoint in that regard too. Is not it remarkable how few yards of fabric can transform the stolid environs completely? It's almost as if the stoic calm of the kitchen has been banished into oblivion.

Greet These Choice With Glee

There's quite a dizzying array of choices that greets you during your relentless search for curtains for Tuscan kitchens. But there's a common thread that runs through all of them- that of adding dolphs of sunshine to a lackluster personal space. A sprinkle of Italian magic can do wonders to your otherwise insipid outing at the dining table. Created with passion, the concoction of rich textures, soul-stirring Mediterranean colors and very unique shapes and designs leaves onlookers in raptures.

While floral prints like roses and sunflowers have an ageless appeal, red cherries and apple orchard prints are the stuff that pastoral dreams are made of. Sheer print curtains etched with Tuscan hills promise absolute bucolic bliss.

For those that dare to be different, anything that's run-of-the-mill will not do. For them, the magnificence of bold stripes and checks in a plethora of vibrant colors seems too good to be true.

But for creating that quintessential Tuscan feel, the gingham and grapevine print is your best bet. It's sure to set the grapevine buzzing. Exceptionally attractive tier curtains with matching valances are another show-stopper. They certainly match your addiction for eye candy.

Create Your Own Style

If thinking creatively is an innate part of your DNA, then weaving magic at home with very banal items like fabric, paint, tape measure, brushes, scissors and a sewing machine does not sound preposterous. Just get hold of these items and give a free rein to your imagination.

Just like the Tuscan style, its sure be an ethereal work of art. …

Make Your Own Rustic Decor Using Old Fihsihg Gear

Decorating with old, used fishing gear is fun, creative and pretty inexpensive as well. It's real easy to find unique fishing gear to use as decorating items. Here are a few ideas for your fishing decor projects.

First you will need to find some old fishing gear. Garage sales are great for purchasing used fishing equipment for your projects. Keep an eye out for used nets, poles, lures, bobbers, stringers and other Items. You can even walk the shores of your favorite lake as you will be surprised what fishermen leave behind. You will also get a great workout and a nice hike while hunting old gear on the shores, pack a lunch and make a day out of it.

Once you find the gear you would like to use be sure to clean everything very carefully and thoroughly. In the past I have used such items to clean my finds, alcohol for lures (be sure to snip the hook point off), bleach for nets (hand soak them). Of course you can us the age old 3 and 1 vinegar solution to remove any fish smell that may still be attached to your item; After all you do not want that smell in your home.

The types of decorating you can do with your items are endless. This is where the fun and imagination kicks in. These are just a few ideas to help get you started on your rustic fishing décor items. Old bait buckets make great containers. You can use them in bathrooms by rolling up some hand towels for the inside, dried flowers, or by placing bath products in them. These buckets also work great in such places as the kitchen for napkins, flower arrangements or in bed rooms for all those loose things lying around the dresser. Do not forget they are perfect for the change change as well.

Old fishing poles from garage sales are pretty cheap and make great curtain rods or wall decor. If using them as curtain rods, be sure to remove the thread loops that the fishing line enteres; Place your rings on the rod and then your drapes. This will really make for a great conversation piece. Wall décor is always fun with old rods. By placing two in an X shape on any wall with an old fishing net, fishing hat or a shelf or maybe by an old fishing shadow box, this will bring the great outdoors into your home or cabin.

Shadow boxes are a perfect asset to any rustic décor. I have used old wood that I had lying around in the garage. Construct your box and place an old fishing photo, some old lures, an old bait jar, rusted fishing waits, etc. Hang it on the wall to show your creative side.

Other things I have tried with old fishing items are. I have placed old nets wrapped in drift wood to place them on walls, I have taken old fishing bobbers and used them …

Kitchen Renovation Made Easy

A functional and comfortable kitchen is now a growing trend among new houses. Traditionally, the kitchen only serves as the preparation area for food. However, in today's modern homes, it also serves other functions besides from serving. As many homemakers turn to being working moms, the ideal kitchen should also provide space for their other needs. When thinking about a kitchen renovation, here are some few tips to ensure comfort and functionality of your new haven.

Use Quality Materials

Kitchen renovation is quite expensive, making it a seldom occurrence in the home. In order to turn it to your dream kitchen, make sure you invest in high quality materials. Choose materials that will not accumulate dirt through the years. Choose tiles and countertops that are smudge-free. Allot sufficient time for finding the perfect kitchen countertop. You can get kitchen countertop ideas by visiting showrooms and home improvement centers. Always look for quality materials to use for your kitchen. When you use good materials for your tiles, cabinets and drawers, chances are your kitchen will last many years without needing another renovation.

Determine your Design

Before you even start buying all the materials, decide on the theme of your kitchen. Kitchen renovation becomes easier when you have an idea of ​​the kitchen you want to have. Coordinate your kitchen's accessories with the fixtures and the color of the wall. Be it a Contemporary or Mediterranean style; match your kitchen with your personality and the overall theme of your home.


If you want to increase the functionality of the kitchen, make sure you have enough space to work in. Whenever you do kitchen renovation, avoid placing appliances or fixtures in the middle for you to have room for constant movement. Place the bulky things on the side to make the kitchen airy and spacious.

Kitchen renovation may seem to be a difficult task. But as you go along, the task can be enjoyable and rewarding. You can get more ideas for renovation from magazines, books or on the net. Just modify the designs and styles to suit your family's needs and your home's theme. …