The History and Science of House Painting

The purpose of house painting and decorating is to make a house, home or building look better or to protect it from damage by severe or ongoing weather, wind, sunshine, water, rust, corrosion, termites and other insects and/or mold. It feels good to have a good looking house, and it increases its value.

History of House Painting

Not much is known about house painting in the United Kingdom before the late 1200’s, when guilds began coming into existence. Two prominent guilds in particular were the Painters Company and the Stainers Company, which eventually merged with the permission of the Lord Mayor of the City of London in the early 16th century, forming the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers.

Tools of the Trade

In our modern era in which we live, paint composition consists mostly of latex formulations used for both exterior and interior use, greatly minimizing painting cleanup, as well as the strong and unhealthy smells normally associated with petroleum and polyester based paints.

Another common, modern house painting invention is the computerized paint scanner that precisely calculates how to get new paint color to match faded paint color on old walls, or to match fabric colors, flowers and other patterns. Paint in our day and age can also be made to smell nice and resist fading, chipping and bacterial growth. Paint can also be made to lay very flat on a surface, resulting in a very smooth look.

When and why should primer be applied? Why not just put paint on and get it over with? Wooden surfaces generally don’t take paint too well, resulting in flaking, due to excessive thickness of the paint. Primer is thinner and so soaks into wood much better, and since it allows the paint to adhere better, it saves you money in allowing for fewer layers of paint and primer to have to be applied.

Many professional house painters offer free consulting services, and additionally save you money by adding 5 to 20-year guarantees of adhesion and water resistance. Professionals are also very good at their use of time when applying tape, sanding surfaces, etc., before the house painting is started.

Another modern house painting tool is the foam brush, which is commonly used for precision work and smoother coats of paint that use less paint and less time to dry. And foam used on a roller can create beautiful patterns in the painted surface. Finally, the spray gun allows for the painting of extremely large surface areas in short amounts of time.

How to Clean and Store Brushes

An older style bristle brush is best to store in a box hanging from a wire within, allowing it to soak in a cleaning solution without being disfigured by having its bristles spread apart.

Paint Surface Preparation

Modern paint-tape prevents damaging the taped surface, having less than half of the adhesive power of masking tape, and thus being able to remain on a surface for up to 30-days without creating damage.

Then versus Now

In …

Is Home Study Interior Design Right For You

For those that wish to study interior design, home study interior design is becoming increasingly more popular. Many students continue to work and even raise families so taking an online program is much more suited to their lifestyle. A degree in the interior design profession is more important today as well due to the strict regulations imposed by many states. You must pass a qualifying exam in order to call yourself an Interior Designer.

One of the first steps you must take is to research the school you wish to attend. Make sure they are an accredited institution. Find out if home study interior design is available. A nonprofit accreditation body developers guidelines and standards that the interior design schools must maintain. If the school does not meet the guidelines then the school is not accredited. The nonprofit agency is called the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. Some schools that do not have the accreditation may not have applied for it. It is up to the student to do their due diligence. Contact Interior Design firms and ask them what schools they recommend.

The prospective student should research the various programs offered to get a better idea of ​​exactly what program best fits their needs. Find out if financing available for the student. If possible speak to former students, they were able to secure a position that they wanted after graduating. Can the student learn the proper techniques through home study interior design?

Set up an appointment with a faculty member. Find out as much information as possible before committing to a particular school. Try to find out whether students who take home study interior design actually get the same type of jobs as students who physically attend school. Do you have the workspace and time allotted to take on something as challenging as interior design home study? You must answer this important question. Are you ready for the commitment? If you are then it could be one of the most important decisions of your life. …

Thinking About a Career In Interior Design?

All the indicators seem to be pointing to a rise in interior design jobs and careers within the next 10 years. And this makes sense – there has been an increase in the value of many different homes in the last few years, and also there has been a boom on television with different home-improvement related television shows.

Because of this, the demand for interior design has gone up. Homeowners are more aware of the impact and power of it and they are looking for people who can help them with designing their home. If you're thinking about a career in this field, there are a few things you first should consider.

Currently, one out of four interior designers are self-employed. So this is an option. If you are self motivated and can be your own boss, and do not want to work for anyone else, you can create a career that achieves all of these things. However, in addition to being an expert in the field, you also have to have good business sense and some salesmanship capabilities. Communication with your clients and potential clients is essential to success here.

Also, another 25% of all designers are specialized in a certain area. For example, there are those who focus on certain commercial industries, like the healthcare industry. Their main focus is on one area – designs in hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Specialization is becoming more and more common in all practitioners and areas of business, and this is no different in this field. So, consider a career in a specialized area of ​​the field. This may be one of the best competitive advantages you have, as it relates to your employability and advantage in the workplace.

Other things you must consider are your own personal strengths. Are you a creative person, who has an intuitive ability to tie things together? Do you understand color psychology, and do you keep up with the latest trends? If not, you may have a lot of trouble being successful in this field of work. If you do not already have these abilities, or will have trouble learning them, then maybe it is wise to consider a career in something else.

In conclusion, I have given you some things to consider, as it relates to an interior design career. …

Amazing Interior Ideas For A Minimalist House – Make Your Small Home Look Bigger In Simple Ways

There are a lot of ways to decorate and structure house with small or limited space. One of the simplest is by painting wall color with bright colors. In addition, use simple furniture and make the small limiter without using large space. We can make room limiter by differentiating the floor and ceiling height. By using this concept, the limited room and sections of a house can be optimized in placing decorations and main furniture.

Currently, residential interior design must also follow the popular trend in home improvement world, minimalist trend.

Interior design should fulfill the main need and requirements of the owner, which also considering the personal taste of the owner. Needs and lifestyles of each generation is different, which influence the criteria for selection of the house is also different. For example, some home owner consider the need of a house near the center of activities or routine daily activities.

Simplicity impression reflects the architecture of the house, shape and arrangement of the interior and finishing stages. Organic shape furniture with a pattern of dynamic stripes give the soft and comfortable impression that still in accordance with its function. Furniture upholstery material will shift from any flowery motives to plain motives. The concept of interior design will not change much.

The basic concept of spatial planning aimed at creating the impression of spacious and comfortable room. This impression can be created by applying a rather large openings in the walls of the house. The concept was applied to resolve the limitations of residential land and a large architectural openings have proven capable of giving the impression of wider space. …

Decorate Your Windows the Modern Way

There are numerous way how you may dress up your windows. Many home owners will limit themselves to drapes and blinds. Others would replace their clear glass windows with etched glass and colored glass. This article will present an easy and convenient way to dress up your home windows without much hassle and without burning a hole in your wallet.

You may try using window films with artcape and decorative elements. In the past, whenever the word window tinting film is mentioned, everyone would automatically think of dark tint. It is no longer true today. The industry had evolved much with plenty of new designs added every month. The quality of window films had also improved a great deal to the extent that you can not even tell the difference if the newly designed window film is original.

Colored film, those with artscapes, and those that give stained glass effect are some of the more popular ones along home owners and interior designer. The vibrant color transformed the atmosphere of the room immediately and even the gloomiest room appear cheerful. It is a great way to decorate children's room as most kid love vibrant colors.

You can find many other places that is suitable to be installed with the product too. Take for example one of the most popular artscape, the Lost Lake, which depicts a huge crane in the middle of the lake. Many home owners install it on a large window at their dining room or at a foyer. The effect turns out great.

Do you want to add some privacy to a shower enclosure? You can also use the decorative glass film on these places too as the material can withstand moisture, moisture and heat. While blocking off unwanted view, it still allows light to shine through.

If installed on a huge glass window on your living, your neighbors will definitely be envious of you when they drive by your house at night. When light shines through the window film, it will project a beautiful piece of art, as if done by a skillful master.

The product is made of vinyl material, and is self-adhesive. You just need to spray some soapy solution on the glass surface. As you use a squeegee to squeeze out the solution and any air bubbles from underneath the window film, it will stick onto the glass by itself through static action. Installation will typically takes less than fifteen minutes on a small window and for larger windows, it will take about thirty minutes.

You may easily buy the product from hardware store, DIY mall and from online. Always ensure that the product that you buy comes with warrantee. Most merchandiser provides up to three years of warrantee, although the product usually last twice as long. …

Why Large Interior Artificial Trees? Discover How to Select the Right Ones and How to Install Them

Interior Large artificial trees: how to install them, which ones are the most suitable for different locations along with more facts worth knowing to help you save time, save money and guidance on choosing the best and most suitable artificial trees for your business needs.

Reasons Why

People love plants and feel comfortable around them. For hundreds and thousands of years humans and plants have lived in harmony: since time when mankind’s ancestors roamed the Serengeti. Recent research has shown flowers, plants and trees play an important role in peoples lives because they act as a soothing catalyst between technology and nature, a contrast between hard, stark and bland to soft, non conforming and colourful; and between abstract tension and calm relaxation.

Over generations plants played natures important role in supplying a source for food, fire, shelter, medicines and building structures, tools and a material for constructing means of transportation. So now, apart from the role of plants in the food chain and in special cases for medication derivatives their main function of plants and trees is for cosmetic uses, and this is where the benefits of good quality artificial plants and trees play an important role.

Over the years various findings have shown peoples stress levels and blood pressure in the presence of plants has reduced. People feel comfortable around plants. Plants play an important role in work places, offices, public spaces and hospitals etc. People often take comfort from the soothing presence of plants. Similarly plants play an important calming role in locations where peoples stress levels often increase as a result of frustrating factors associated with large busy places like airports, shopping malls, rail and bus stations etc.

What’s Available

Not only do large artificial trees provide the WOW! Effect their imposing, majestic the soothing presence adds character, interest and divine status to many large internally spacious buildings.

The most popular varieties of large interior artificial trees are green and variegated ficus (weeping fig), capensia, cherry blossom, bougainvillea, wisteria, weeping willow, olive, red and green maple, oak, beech, birch, bay laurel and longifollia. Of course there are other large specimens in form of bamboo, washingtonia, date, phoenix and coconut palms. The choice is varied, majestic and interesting but there is always something to compliment, enhance and promote any venue.

Create the unexpected – people when they think of tree shapes, something resembling a generalised outline of a lollypop on a stick come to mind.

Every species of tree has a unique leaf, branch and particularly canopy shape. In nature fresh trees owing to climate and prevailing winds take on their own form as they adapt to these persistent natural conditions. Similar effects can be recreated when building bespoke large artificial trees in various shapes and forms.

Clients often ask for large artificial trees to fit into corners, flat against walls, with non-symmetrical and “wind” swept shaped canopies. The advantage of artificial large trees is they can be made to accommodate any shape, size, style and location.

The …

Do not Let the Weather Design Your Home

Half way through August and the first false hints that autumn is not far off are creeping into our gardens. Blackberries are ripening in the hedges, crab apples are flushing with rosy hues begging to be picked and turned intoicate jams and anyone venturing onto the lawn in the early morning has to step carefully to avoid the maze of spider's webs threaded amongst the dew drops.

With summer coming to an end our thoughts turn indoors to redesigning and decorating ready for Christmas. With a virtuously limitless choice of colors and a vast range of materials, interior design has never been such fun. Unfortunately, with such a choice, unless you follow the latest trend, interior design has also never been so confusing. Just how do you choose from the whole sweetshop of possibilities?

One simple way of cutting your way through the maze is to employ an interior designer. They can help with advice on trends, fabrics and color combinations. Not only that, but interior designers can suggest best layouts for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, create moods for bedroom design, help you make the most of small spaces and suggest the best lighting to enhance mood.

Whilst interior designers can suggest colors and layouts they will be working with you and matching your style to the final plans. Although some of your tastes do not tend to change, others will migrate over time and it is important to recognize this when you are looking at color and fabrics. One aspect that many people overlook is the effect that the season has on their choice of colors.

Mention autumn and the instinctive reaction is to think of russets and browns, of long walks in autumn gales and snuggling up at night next to a dancing log fire. This instinct translates into the way we look at our homes and we are more likely to think about warm colors when we decorate in autumn and winter. Spring, with its new life and fresh breezes moves us towards greens and yellows whilst summer opens up brilliant whites and the clear blue of the sky.

Your interior designer will help guide you through these sentences and work with you so that you can visualise how your home will look through the year. Sometimes something simple such as a variety of throws or a change of lamp shade combined with variable lighting will enable you to change the feel of a room with the seasons. Alternately you may have a room that is more used in the winter than the summer and decorating that with warm colors will meet your winter needs while using clear brighter colors may suit rooms leading directly to the garden.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it fits with your personality and style. At the end of the day, you have to live with the décor and it is your home. Remember that and enjoy your interior design. …

Gourmet Kitchen Tips for the Ultimate Cooking Area

The kitchen is the one room that needs to function really well. After all, good food is one of the most basic needs of the family. The kitchen is the place where you rustle up those delicious meals and keep your family and friends entertained. Thus, the kitchen has to be clean, clutter free and convenient.

If you are the kind of person who cooks gourmet food, (or just likes the occasional ham sandwich), you know that you need the proper ambience in a gourmet kitchen. You need more utensils, more space, more tools and basically more control. A proper gourmet meal takes time to prepare. So, if you have to spend awhile in the kitchen, you need to make the place look good too. It should not only look good, but also be a convenient and comfortable place to work in.

Given below is a list of must haves for the ultra gourmet kitchen:

o The Food Prep Zone: Gourmet kitchens need to have knife drawers with special tools to keep the knives straight and sharp, cutting boards that come out and disappear into the cabinets when required and counters with lower height. Marble countertops help to retard the growth of bacteria.

o Cooking Zone: Many homeowners now prefer separate ovens instead of freestanding ranges, a selection of tall cabinets, base cabinets and ones with special pull out systems.

o Baking Zone: Cooks who are serious about baking like counters with less height, making them easier to knead bread on. Nowadays, you can also get pull out box cabinets, special tiered cabinets, cake decorating kits and various other items.

o Specific Storage Zone: Instead of having a pantry that stores everything in one spot, gourmet kitchens have work-specific storage areas. For example, there can be a 'breakfast center' where you can store cereals, syrups, bagels, mixes, and so on. Similarly, you can have lunch and dinner centers where you can store equipment appropriately.

o Dining Zone: Gourmet kitchens often have built-in cabinets that double as buffets, used to separate the kitchen from the dining space. With proper lighting and aesthetics, you can make this area look very luxurious.

o Wet Bar Service Zone: This area can be used as a transition area between the food preparation and serving zones. Wine racks can be built in and combined with under-the-counter wine coolers and beverage centers.

o Meal Planning Zone: You can have built in books or cabinets that can be a perfect corner for planning your meals, searching for new recipes, mulling over cookbooks and similar activities. You should have all the modern appliances required for cooking – starting from microwaves to ovens to dishwashers and similar. Having all of your appliances in Stainless Steel, or built into the cabinets gives your kitchen a clean, streamlined look.

In order to have a well-planned gourmet kitchen, you may want to use the services of an interior designer that specializes in kitchens. You can also visit special gourmet kitchen showrooms – they …

Some Tips On How To Get The Best From Your Residential Interior Design Endeavors

Hiring an interior designer to come up with the right residential interior
design is something that most people would consider as being a good option
although problems with what the design should consist of can often lead to
disagreements, and it is usually the case that the person that owns the home
sticks his or her nose into what is certainly not their business. They are
professionals who have made residential designs their full time occupation
and so must be allowed to make their ideas work which means that at the very
outset the role played by them should be clearly demarcated.

How Much Freedom To Give

You should agree to how much freedom is allowed to them regarding the decisions
to be made and also when they are to interact with contractors, and even though
most home owners can not help but butt into what is clearly not their business,
this should not in any way affect the method of working; otherwise, it
could cause distress all around.

What should be sorted out with regard to the residents, is a time
frame within which the work must have been completed and that the plan arrived
at should be properly laid out prior to conformity of actual work, and also
that budgetary amounts are defined at the very outset.

The budget should allow for emergency expenses and when the owner requests for
changes to be made the expenses so incurred should be added to the budget
especially when the changes are in addition to what the original residential
interior design included, and thus makes the responsibility of the home owner who must bear the cost.

The actual residential area must take into account how to make the best use of
space which must not be too large or too small which will hamper the effects. In
addition, the doors and also windows must be well planned for and not
unnecessarily covered or have new structures constructed which will use up time
and also increase the cost as well.

Most properly made residential designs will also require best use of
furniture and also fixtures which need to be selected and color as well as space
planning are important factors as too is plumbing and also electrical wiring
that must be properly addressed, and the best type could be arrived a only
when the house or room is empty, which is of course not the case in most

There is no doubt the fact that when you wish to get the best from your
project, it will only be a fulfilling experience as long as proper guidelines
are set out and followed, and you also will need to work closely with the
interior designer for even better results. …

Home Fire Safety – Interior Stairway Design Fire Safety Guidelines


This article is about custom home designing fire safety in an interior stairway.

As to home fire safety in home building plans, much codified ado is made of fire-blocking wall and floor structure, but not much at all on stairway design and stairway construction.

Comment: This codified ado even sort-of includes home fire safety in regard to stairway structure. See IRC 2003, R311.2.2 “Under stair protection. Enclosed accessible space under stairs shall have walls, under stair surface and any soffits protected on the enclosed side with ½-inch (12.7mm) gypsum board.” For fire safety in stairway design and stairway construction, it’s a beginning. Note, please, that there’s no mention of fire-rated gypsum board and heavier weight material as are referenced elsewhere – and have been for quite a long while – for garage wall and ceiling surfaces abutting habitable space.


And there are the high-value references to smoke alarms in home fire safety building codes nationwide, references albeit at minimum levels of materials and methods, in the author’s opinion.

Comment: Minimums? That’s what this custom home designer thinks. Following are designer house plan set stipulations that may be written into smoke alarm methods and materials to extend home fire safety codified minimums. Each alarm shall run on both permanent 120V and replaceable battery, shall feature a combination of ionization and photoelectric sensors. None shall disconnect by wall switch. Each shall connect to a 120V line as first load on a frequently used lighting circuit with overcurrent protection at the panelboard suitable for a double tap. For sleeping areas, an alarm shall be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications on either side of any passage between a sleeping area and a path to egress


So, what about the eminently more airflow-permissive stairwell itself?

In a house aflame, a residential interior stairway can occasion two events: the passage of both occupants to safety and firemen for the sake of safety and the passage of smoke and flame between interior floor levels.

Comment: It might seem as though interior stairway design and stairway construction, this key locus of interior structure in interior fire conditions – good (human transport) and bad (smoke and fire transport) – is at least largely forsaken by residential building authorities having jurisdiction.


In regard to stairwells, that is stairwell design and stairwell construction, what’s at stake is fire-degraded stairway construction, wood stud walls and wood ceiling joists collapsing within the stairwell, engaging stairway and its contents, including people contents, and thereby precluding occupants’ easy physical movement between floor levels.


A residential, interior stairway, other than a spiral stairway – below the stair stringer shall be sheathed from outer stair stringer to outer stair stringer including header cleat with not less than 1 layer of 5/8″ Type-X gypsum board glued, screwed, and taped. It shall be mudded not less than 3 coats, paying …