4 Benefits of Jacuzzi Tubs

Jacuzzi tubs provide numerous benefits for those who take the time to soak themselves in it. All around the world, cultures have understood the power of hydrotherapy. The Japanese for example believe that it not only provides health benefits but also helps relieve the soul. To learn more about the power of these tubs, continue reading.

Top 4 Benefits

1. Hydrotherapy. The water’s buoyancy helps relieve tension from hurting joints and muscles. When submerged in water, the body is almost weightless. Thus, pressure in the joints and muscles are relieved. The water not only addresses the physical aspect of the body, but it also helps soothe the tired mind. The National Sleep Foundation has found that this helps cure people of insomnia.

2. Effect of heat. The effect of warm water will also help relax the body. Those who are recovering from injuries usually apply heat and this is also effective in providing better circulation of blood.

3. Massage. Whether jacuzzi tubs are whirlpools or air baths, the movement of water from the jets will provide a full body massage. A deep soaking tub will allow the whole body to be treated.

4. Relax. Users who buy this tub can find relaxation because the water and the massages will help stimulate the body to release endorphins which actually help minimize the effects of stress. Another great thing is that people of all ages can use it at any time to de-stress themselves.

Jacuzzi tubs offer such great benefits that affect the entire body. Now finding the right tub design is important.

3 Things to Consider

There is a variety of freestanding bathtubs available in the market whether in stores or online. If one is looking to buy a tub to soak in, here are a few reminders that he should keep in mind while out shopping:

1. Material and durability. These factors play a key role in how much Jacuzzi tubs cost. There are cast iron tubs which are very durable that the cost of it is overlooked by some. For those however who need a cheaper price, acrylic tubs can be bought and even customized to fit the design of the bathroom. These are affordable but it is more susceptible to fading, scratches, and discoloration.

2. Size and depth. While freestanding tubs are better used in large spaces, they come in a variety of sizes that it is easy enough to find the right size for one’s bathroom. In regards to depth, one should consider if the tub should be deep enough to be used by an adult, child, or both.

3. Air baths or whirlpools. Both of them can massage the body. Air baths let out air bubbles from the bottom of the tub which causes a gentle, relaxing massage that can be used for the elderly. Whirlpools, however, massage by the water that jet out of them. The massage is heavier and goes deeper into the body. One should consider what he prefers most before buying.