3 Characteristics of a Great Chef

If creating gourmet meals in your kitchen is a relaxing and fun endeavor, then you may have the 3 characteristics of a great chef. Like everything else worth having, becoming a great chef is not an instantaneous occurrence. You did not stop riding a bike because you fell off one time. In your home or professionally, great chefs study the art of cooking over a long period of time constantly upgrading their skills toward perfection. This article will describe the 3 characteristics that separate a good chef from a great chef.

The ability to multi-task is a very good trait in being a good chef. Most days will require you to be able to juggle several different tasks both physically and in managing people. The kitchen is a fast paced environment. Swerving and dodging are good traits to have in a kitchen. You are going to be a fast thinker. You will make decisions on the fly and worry about some tasks later. When the oven is not maintaining temperature or the food did not arrive on time, what is your plan?

For everything to run smoothly, your kitchen and restaurant will require you to make instant decisions. This is where experience comes into play. For those who have kids at home, this can seem like a regular day in paradise. You must be able to tune out distractions, noises and employee bickering to stay the course so you can deliver the course.

Successful chefs are a jack of all trades in the kitchen. When something goes wrong, they will have to drop what they are doing and lend a hand to fix the problems. This will put your other duties behind. So, delegation to trusted employees is a must. To delegate though, you must have the trust and respect of the staff in the kitchen. A true leader will inspire and motivate even the most challenged, hung over worker on a Monday morning.

Not only is the skill set needed for food preparation but the mechanical systems and equipment must be maintained and optimized. You will not do the work of fixing broken parts but you need to understand how the systems go together to achieve the final results that can be based on temperature and humidity.

Being creative is probably the most important trait of a great chef. What separates your food and presentation from the restaurant down the street is up to you. Preparing food using stainless steel cooking sets can turn the opinion in your favor due to the quality and taste of your recipes. Of course you are not serving just one dish so timing is everything for a great chef. Creativity alongside properly presented food in a timely manner is the secret for success in your kitchen. Fast paced, hurried and fun, a successful chef loves their job.

Ordinary food is everywhere. The prices of today’s dinners demand something different. Flaming chocolate endings or meat soaked for several days in your secret sauce will make a huge impact on your customers. Remember, make it unique, inspiring and high in taste quality and your reservation lines will be ringing on a regular basis. Great chefs can pull this off almost as second nature. But remember, no one was born knowing how to cook so you too can start now and become a very great chef with the right training and tools.