Iris Flower Meaning and History

The iris is a beautiful garden flower. Its name means rainbow, and it does truly come in a range of bright and dazzling colours, such as purple, pink, blue, orange, yellow and red. It is also known as having a variety of habitats, as it can also grow in deserts and swamps! It can grow in warm temperatures and it can also grow in cold climates, although it prefers the North Temperate regions.

Flower Meaning of the Iris

The iris stands for the Messenger of Love in Greek myth, and so the iris is one of those flowers that are meant to express emotions and sentiments. There are many varieties of this flower, and they convey various emotions when given as a gift. That is why it is common to place an iris in a flower bouquet, depending on its colours. The iris is an eloquent flower to help communicate feelings, and the different colours of the iris, like all flowers, mean different things.

Purple – wisdom and compliments

Blue – faith and hope

Yellow – passion

White – purity

In general, an iris of any colour represents admiration and courage. The wide spectrum of colours and types of iris has made it a fitting symbol of communication and messages, and so it is widely sent as a gift for many occasions. The iris flower meanings make it an excellent choice for birthdays, congratulations, thank you, sympathy and get well. Moreover, the iris can cheer up anyone on any day, as it has a universal significance. The iris can be used in any flower bouquet, and it does not need to convey a message in particular to be sent as a gift.

History of the Iris

This flower got its name from the Greek Goddess Iris, who was the Messenger of Love and the goddess of the rainbow, who used to take message from Earth to Heaven. The iris is associated with a heavenly aura bound in earth. In ancient times, an iris was placed on the graves of the dead to summon the goddess to take their spirits away to heaven. Later, the iris became associated with the French monarchy, and the iris’s symbol of royalty has been carried with it to present times and some societies still regard the blue and purple iris in particular as a royal flower.

The iris has been used as medicine, and the juices of the iris have also been used as a cosmetic or to make perfume.

The iris has a long history, and it is still regarded as a beautiful and sought for flower to send in bouquets and floral gifts.…