How to Find the Perfect Tuscan Kitchen Curtains

Fostering a sense of warmth and comfort, that is the raison d'être of Tuscan kitchen curtains. Of course, they do take immunity pride in their traditional proclivity of adding to the glam quotient of the room that they grace. And privacy? Sure, they do not disappoint in that regard too. Is not it remarkable how few yards of fabric can transform the stolid environs completely? It's almost as if the stoic calm of the kitchen has been banished into oblivion.

Greet These Choice With Glee

There's quite a dizzying array of choices that greets you during your relentless search for curtains for Tuscan kitchens. But there's a common thread that runs through all of them- that of adding dolphs of sunshine to a lackluster personal space. A sprinkle of Italian magic can do wonders to your otherwise insipid outing at the dining table. Created with passion, the concoction of rich textures, soul-stirring Mediterranean colors and very unique shapes and designs leaves onlookers in raptures.

While floral prints like roses and sunflowers have an ageless appeal, red cherries and apple orchard prints are the stuff that pastoral dreams are made of. Sheer print curtains etched with Tuscan hills promise absolute bucolic bliss.

For those that dare to be different, anything that's run-of-the-mill will not do. For them, the magnificence of bold stripes and checks in a plethora of vibrant colors seems too good to be true.

But for creating that quintessential Tuscan feel, the gingham and grapevine print is your best bet. It's sure to set the grapevine buzzing. Exceptionally attractive tier curtains with matching valances are another show-stopper. They certainly match your addiction for eye candy.

Create Your Own Style

If thinking creatively is an innate part of your DNA, then weaving magic at home with very banal items like fabric, paint, tape measure, brushes, scissors and a sewing machine does not sound preposterous. Just get hold of these items and give a free rein to your imagination.

Just like the Tuscan style, its sure be an ethereal work of art. …

Curtains in Rich Autumnal Colors

Autumn is an excellent time of year to be inspired by nature's color palette of rich reds, dusky yellows, burnt oranges and deep hues of greens within interior design concepts and styles. A living room will look welcoming and cozy with curtains, soft furnishings and accessories which reflect these autumnal hues and shades.

Deep rich red curtains made from good quality chenille or damask fabrics will provide a warm glow to a living room and are an excellent choice for coordinating with a whole host of soft furnishing colors such as creams, beige or midnight blues and gold. For a more traditional look, curtains with symmetrical all over contrasting color patterns can be teamed with stripes and plain fabrics which have a similar tone to either the main curtain color or the contrasting pattern. The latest design principals use combinations of different textures and patterns to provide both visual appeal and tactile soft furnishings, which are combined together simply by choosing colors from the palette spectrum which reflect nature's choices. For inspiration as to which colors tone and blend well together a trip to a local park or a walk in a leafy area will provide a multitude of color ranges which can be utilized effectively within a home.

Plain or patterned curtains made from a medium or heavy weight fabric which are hung from the curtain track to the floor will provide valuable heat insulation to a room during the cooler months. This style of curtain can be swept back and held in place with rope tassels to provide gentle folds of fabric. Rope tassels are available in a variety of different colors which can be used to correspond with the living room's color themes, not only will they add the finishing touches to the curtains they can also be used as an effective way to bring a sense of harmony to a room, especially when the colors accent the soft furnishings.

Scatter cushions made from complimentary fabric colors and textures piled onto a sofa will add to the overall interior design style as well as looking inviting to snuggle into as the nights draw in. Traditional cushions of all the same dimensions, fabrics and colors still have their place for an ordered look and approach, however, by adding cushions which are of different shapes, sizes and textured fabrics and offer a more informal look and feel to a room.

A key factor of interior design is not to use too many different main colors, two or three is preferred and then to look at all the different shades within these main colors to use in complimentary or contrasting ways. Each main color has an extensive range of shades, from the deepest near black to naturally white and all variations of shades in between, combinations of these tones are visually pleasing to the eye and for a dramatic effect a completely different base color can be accidentally randomly and strategically within the room. For example, deep reds contrasted with …

Solid Hardwood Versus Engineered Flooring: Which is Better?

Having a home built or renovated to your specifications can be a tricky endeavour. From layout planning, building permits, interior design, and even flooring, there’s a lot to consider to actualise your dream home. Aesthetic, budget, and practical considerations must all be combined to produce a space that you can be proud to call your own. And whether you are a new homeowner, or wanting a change, you probably already know that wooden flooring is a premium choice for homes all over the world, both because of its durability and style, as well as the value it provides to your home.

But because of all the technological advancements in recent times, wooden flooring no longer refers to just the solid hardwood that homes of yesteryear have. Instead, you have another option: engineered flooring! But which is better for your specifications? Below, some things to consider when choosing between solid hardwood and engineered flooring.


Solid oak flooring has been a popular choice for builders and homeowners through the years. These types of wooden flooring is made by using raw, untreated planks of wood, installing them onto a subfloor, and then sanding and polishing to provide a cohesive and put together look.

Engineered oak flooring refers to a type of wooden flooring that is made with a hardwood top wear layer, and a base of layers of plywood to provide strength and stability to the floorboards. Because these boards have been pre-finished, these are easier to install, and take less time to do so, too.


The main selling point of wooden flooring is its durability. Both solid and engineered wooden flooring will last in your home for years to come, provided you do simple maintenance and cleaning. Ensure that there is minimal to no moisture contact, prevent furniture legs from digging into the wood by use of floor protectors, and minimise the use of shoes and high heeled sandals on these surfaces. This ensures that your trendy oak flooring will look its best for as long as possible.


The great thing about wooden flooring is that should you grow tired of your existing finish, or wish to spruce up your floors after years of wear and tear, you don’t have to take everything apart and reinstall new flooring. Instead, you can work with what you have, with both solid hardwood and engineered flooring alike, by resanding and repolishing your floors, thereby saving you time and money. A professional contractor can not only provide these services, but they can also minimise the chances of damage to your existing flooring because of their expertise and experience.


Last but not the least, if you have budget constraints, it’s worth noting that because of the labour intensive process and the source material, solid hardwood floors are more expensive than engineered flooring. From sanders, polishing materials, staining solutions, and even labour costs, hardwood can be a lot of work and money to install. Engineered flooring is designed to be easy to install, and …