Daly Waters, Northern Australia – Home Of The World's Most Remote Traffic Light!

Daly Waters is seven kilometers off the Stuart Highway, 275 km south of Katherine. If waiting for red lights is not for you, it would be best to avoid Daly Waters (the light never changes).

We've all been there – trapped at a red light for seemingly decades for no apparent reason, tapping on the steering wheel in an increasing frenzy of impatience.

Outside this famous pub is the world's most remote set of traffic lights, there is probably another traffic light for 300 miles! Of course in this little town of 21 people there is not a whole lot of traffic either.

The airstrip here was Australia's original international terminal, used as a stop-off in the London to Sydney air race in 1926. After Darwin was attacked by the Japanese, all major air operations were moved to Daly Waters. The original Qantas hanger still exists, as well as the oil store and barracks for the troops, suffice to say, this was not aought after assignment.

Nowadays, the town is most famous for it's pub, which is unique even by Australian standards. The wall decor can only be described as unusual ranging from business cards, postcards, foreign currency, passports, underwear, etc.

As is the usual custom in these parts, if a lady looses a game of pool, she has to remove her underwear and hang it on the wall.

Hours could be sent just browsing and viewing all the graffiti on the wall and deciphering where it all came from.

But away from the odd aviation geek, people do not stop in Daly Waters for a mosey around a deserted airfield. No, they stop because the traffic light told them to do so or because they've been driving all day and they're hankering after a lovely cold beer.

Evenings are when the Daly Waters pub really comes into its own. That's when the big barbie comes out and the new-fangled fad of vegetarianism is merclysly shunned. Salad is what food eats in this neck of the woods, although there will be a sprinkling of it available. Frankly, you do not need lettuce when the steaks are top quality and the barramundi fresh out of the river. Once you've tasted it, you will not really care too much about the traffic. …