European Bathroom With Floor Drain For Shower

The concept of the European bathroom with floor drain for shower can be described as follows.


The European concept of a shower is to stick a nozzle into the wall and a drain in the floor.


Well, in the European bathroom with floor drain for shower, curtains are optional. In many cramped private baths, you may have to rescue the toilet paper and find it safe harbor outside the bathroom before turning on the shower and drenching the whole room.

Half Tub

Another fun European bathroom trick is the half tub. In this concept, you'll rather than lie down, with a shower nozzle that has now to hang. This way, your knees get very clean but at the same time, the floor gets very wet.

Hot Water As per the concept of the European bathroom with floor drain for shower, hot water may be available only once a day and not on demand, particularly in shared baths. Another reason is that heating water is costly. Therefore, many smaller hotels only do it once daily, in the morning. You must keep in kind that in such situations, once that is used up, the luxury will not be available again until the next day.


The water jets of the European bathroom with floor drain for shower are intended to clean the bits of you that do not often get tanned, that too, much more too than toilet paper. What is more, as per the European concept, your host will not appreciate it if you use the bidet as an auxiliary toilet. …

Sell Your House Fast In Any Condition

If you are trying to have quick house sale to save you out of a financial crisis, you can really sell your house fast. You can contact cash property buyers who buy houses readily for cash. These cash property buyers are specialists in helping people sell their house fast for cash. By adopting this method to sell their house, people need not be worried about the long delays associated with traditional methods of selling properties. These companies have helped thousands of people to sell their properties quickly in the time of their need. The main advantages of contacting these companies are there are no waiting times, no fees and a sale can be wrapped in a few days time.

These companies help people sell their houses in different circumstances. Some of the circumstance, which forces people to sell house for cash include financial crisis requiring fast sale, house repossession requiring a quick house sale, emigration or relocation requiring house sale, or sale of an inherited property. Sometimes, homeowners try to sell their house due to separation or divorce or they need equity release.

You can contact these buyers either by calling or online. You can have an informal chat with the representative of the company to know the options available. Their advisors keep in touch at every point of quick house sale. You can discuss any query you have in your mind regarding house sale to these cash house buyers. The process of property sale is very transparent and fair. When you decide to sell your house to these house buyer companies, you are just required to agree to their proposal. Once you agree, they will move with other formalities required to complete a house sale. They will buy your house in any condition and at any location. You need not make any efforts to make your house attractive. However, you need to find a reliable cash house buyer company for a successful sale of your house. You can search online to find such companies.…

Hydroponic Lights

Hydroponic lights, or grow lights, are used for indoor gardening, plant propagation and food production. Although mostly known to be used on a large scale level in industries, hydroponics lights have now been used for gardening in the home.

The plants growing in a hydroponics system need good lighting in order to thrive. A hydroponic light system is capable of replacing sun light in any enclosed area. With sufficient light, you can convert any room in your home into a garden for your plants. It is one of the most economical ways of providing light for indoor gardens.

Optimum Lighting

Optimum lighting is determined according to how many or how big the plants are going to be in your system. This means the light intensity required by the particular type of plant you would want to grow. It should also imitate the lighting present in the plant’s natural environment. For example, vegetables grow best in full sunlight. Foliage plants like Philodendron grow in full shade and can, therefore, grow with little artificial light. The appropriate lighting also depends on the size of the growing area and the amount of any additional light the plant may receive, like sunlight from a nearby window or a vent.

One of the most important things to consider in indoor gardening is light density, the amount of light on a surface which is measured in “lux”. One lux equals one lumen, the unit of light falling on an area of one square meter. Choosing which hydroponic lights to use is a very important decision you will make when setting up your hydroponics system.

A home grower has three basic types of hydroponic lighting he or she can choose to install. These are systems that use incandescent, fluorescent, or high intensity discharge lights. The set-up using fluorescent bulbs is most common choice of many small home gardeners because they are readily available and inexpensive. Fluorescent lights are compact in size and have low heat emissions. These bulbs great for plants like lettuces or spinach, those which can grow in low artificial lighting. They are also great for plants that need indirect light, like African Violets. Because they emit lesser heat, you can install these lights get closer to your plants without worrying about damage.

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights have a very limited light spectrum and are not very efficient, therefore, are not recommended to use for indoor gardening and hydroponics systems On the other hand, high intensity discharge lights are considered the best for hydroponic lighting. Although these can be expensive, they are efficient and emit the most heat compared to the other two types. You will need ballast in using them, though, because of higher light and heat emissions. Appropriate setting is also needed to ensure the proper distance from your plants in order not to burn them with too much heat. This is a high quality and high maintenance system that should require your attention and monitoring. Most HID lights need to function up …

Wear & Tear in You Bathroom Could Cost More Than Just Money If You Don’t Plan Ahead

Is Damage To Your Bathroom Wasting Energy & Resources?

Can all those little things really add up?

If you are talking about continued use, accidental damage, and redecorating – then it’s a great big yes! I am staying in a holiday cottage at the moment and they have made some big mistakes in the bathroom that could save them a lot of time, money and resources in the long run; the planets resources!

Bearing in mind they are going to get different people with different lifestyles and ethics, they should make it almost ‘normal’ to be green. But instead, they have made it quite acceptable to waste products and to allow damage to the fixtures and the bathroom in general.

Here is a general summary of the worst offenders:

1) No Handle In The Bath

They have opted for the half-bath here to limit the amount of water used (as they could have fitted a full size one easily) – however, it has no side handles.

Now although I am still agile enough to get in and out of the bath without them – I am causing a bit of a moist mess in the process! I have to hold the side of the bath to steady myself or to get out – and as a result all the water from my hand and arm is sliding over the edge of the bath, down the front of the wooden bath panel and down behind the wooden skirting that encircles the entire bathroom.

Needless to say, this continued moistening is gradually going to cause damage and the mis-shaping of the panel front until it all needs replacing. Unless, like me – everyone who stays here dries off while standing in the bath to avoid the drips!

2) No Window To Outside

As always, no window from this moist room means that there needs to be an electric fan running all the time you are in there – wasting energy.

They are also very ineffective, I find, over time and so the whole room will be susceptible to damp and mould growth. And to get the best results from the fan, it means that the door to the bathroom needs to be kept closed all the time – sealing it in.

This room also needs a light on all the time otherwise the fan won’t work (as they are seemingly always linked together). This also means that when you are not having a bath or the room isn’t damp but you need to use the bathroom for anything else – you have to have the fan on as well! What if you just need to nip in to clean your teeth, or grab your nail clippers from the shelf – on comes the fan for another 5 minutes!

A simple window would eliminate this waste of energy and make the whole place lighter, dryer and fresher. I mean what creates damage more than a damp, dark, small, sealed room?

3) Proper Sealing…

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Bounce House

Let’s face it… bounce houses are fun! It doesn’t matter if you’re four or fifty-four: there’s just something exhilarating about flinging yourself around inside a soft, squishy, air-filled house! It’s like jumping on the bed, except you can’t get in trouble for it!

Still, even the most lighthearted and fun activities have certain things about them that must be kept in mind so they can stay lighthearted and fun. They are no exception to the rule. What follows is a list of some simple but important things to keep in mind to help you get past the planning/thinking stages and on to the fun.

1. Insurance

There is a very good reason that this is number one on the list. It is extremely important to make sure that the company from which you’re renting is insured. Not only this, but it is important to make sure that you’re renting is covered. Some companies advertise their insurance policies, but those policies only cover certain bounce houses. If someone gets hurt while bouncing around at your party and the rental company is not insured, you could be sued for a lot of money. Tread carefully here.

2. The Age of the Bounce House

It can only hold up to so many years of sugar-rushed, excited kiddos (and sugar-rushed, fun-loving parents, aunts, and uncles) jumping up and down inside of it before it starts to show its age – brittleness, thin spots subject to tears/leaking, etc. This is not only an aesthetic problem but a safety issue. Put this question high on your list when shopping.

3. Disinfecting

Make sure that the company you rent from has good bounce house hygiene. Remember these things are made to be filled with tiny people who love to stick their little fingers into all the things Mommy says don’t touch. The concepts of “eating” and “bouncing” also sometimes produce… unexpected results when done in the wrong order. So make sure the company keeps them clean… and maybe buy a bottle of Lysol or two… just to be on the safe side!

4. Solutions for the Heat

A lot of parties that warrant bounce houses are summertime bashes. Because of this, you’ll need to come up with some way to augment the heat inside the it. Plan your party in the cool of the day, perhaps, or make sure that the item is set up in the shade. There are several different routes to solving this problem. Just determine the one that works best for your party.

5. Supervision

Remember: kids have a surprising amount of muscular power in those little frames… meaning they bounce hard… especially when they’re having fun. Having one six-year-old child in a bounce house pounding the plastic to her little heart’s content is all right, but throw five or six other kids in the mix (including that eight-year-old from down the street who could be a lightweight champion already) and the chances of injury and sudden pandemonium increase greatly. So… your job …

Garden Arbor & Pergola Designs

When planning a landscape design, garden structures such as arbors and pergolas are wonderful elements to incorporate. These structures not only provide a strong focal point in the landscape, but they can also be utilitarian as well, serving many purposes that vary depending on the size and design used. Garden arbors and pergolas can range in size from as small as 24 inches to as large as 10 or 20 feet across. In this article, we'll discuss some varying arbor and pergola designs, and how you can use these structures to your advantage when planning an overall landscape or garden design.

When we talk about the design of a garden arbor or pergola, we're talking about the material as much as anything. The type of material used in making the structure will have a big impact on the look and use of the end product. There are three primary materials used for garden arbors and pergolas: wood, metal, and plastic. All three materials have their pros and cons, as we will explain.

Wood is probably the oldest type of material that has historically been used for constructing arbors and pergolas. It is inexpensive, readily available, and can be easily cut. Furthermore, wood can be stained or painted to match another existing structure, such as the house, shed or garage. One downfall of wood is that it does decay over time. Wood can also harbor certain types of pests, and it will eventually rot, splinter, and crack. The types of wood that can be used in an arbor or pergola are almost endless, but generally it's a good idea to look for a wood that weathers well and resists decay, such as cedar. For a rustic look, consider using log cedar. For a very basic, rudimentary structure, you could even use fallen timber, branches, and twigs tied together.

Plastic arbors and pergolas can be purchased in almost every color imaginable. When choosing a vinyl unit, be sure to look for a plastic that is treated with a UV inhibitor, so it will not fade or discolor over time. Vinyl is a good choice if you want your end product to be reliably maintenance free, because it will not need to be stained or painted. A vinyl arbor or pergola typically lends itself to a clean and modern design. White vinyl can be an especially attractive choice for an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer.

Metal arbors and pergolas are probably the most durable and long-lasting choice. In terms of their design and style, many have an almost gothic appearance, and they tend to mesh well with wrought iron gates and wings. There are many types of metal to choose from, including iron, steel, and aluminum. Depending on the type of metal chosen, you may encounter rust on the structure over time. A good powder coat paint finish will slow this process. Aluminum can be a good choice because it will not rust like steel, and it is also lightweight and …

Design Approaches To Accessorizing The Victorian Decorating Style

To give your Victorian decorating style a professional decorating approach, you might want to add various decorative items. Focus on using frilly and ornate decorative accessories which add to the fancy and ornate style of the olden days. Plan for wall art, pillows and knick-knacks to really add zip to your Victorian home.

Wall art is a fabulous way to add appealing charm to your walls, but most folks do not know the proper way to hang them. When hanging art, think like a gallery and put the middle of the piece at eye level. If you are hanging a grouping of items on the wall, then come up with the design by laying them on the floor first to come up with how they look most pleasant. Providing master paintings in gold gilt frames in groups will work well to add an interesting element to the Victorian decorating style.

Another thing you could employ to add charm to your décor is decorative pillows. You can come up with a use for pillows in every room even the kitchen and bathroom. Adding pillows in the bathroom is one option a lot of folks do not think of but you can quickly place one on the hamper or in shelves or racks with towels. Displaying decorative pillows stacked at the headboard of your bed should lend a great professional look. Pillows are wonderful for those who can not spend a lot because placing them with your existing living room furniture should help give it a Victorian home decorating allure without having to spend money on new furniture. Pillows which have fringe and buttons will help finialize your room design.

Try adding candelabras dripping with prisms, crystal and sterling silver, or roses in vases for more of a feeling of the olden days. Select accessories that mirror a common theme that enhances your room decor. Do not stray to far from your theme or you will end up with a non definite design approach.

Knick Knacks can really provide an intriguing look to any design, no matter what the design approach. To pull together your Victorian home decorating, think of using accessories with a fancy and ornate allure. For a decorative touch try Hand painted china in a curio cabinet or placing porcelain figurines on display shelves. This is where you can really make the home design your own by acquiring knick knacks which reflect your individual style. If you do not have much cash, you should try shopping at the local flea markets and garage sales where you can find fascinating knick knacks for little money.

Accessorizing your Victorian decorating style with mahogany and marble furniture, and fancy metal accessories can help add charm. You should be sure, however, that you do not go out buying things wily nily or you might end up with a disorganized mess. You will need to be sure your accessories in the ideal scale to each other so you need to be aware of the …

Qualifying for Washington Home Loans: 3 Factors

To qualify for Washington home loans, you have to go through a loan application process. This process is usually standard across states. The rates for Washington home loans are, however, not as high as in some other states, so that's one thing to look forward to.

But looking beyond rates, the loan application process is still the same. You'll still be required to meet the following conditions:

Capacity to Repay

All mortgage lenders would normally be concerned about your capacity to repay a loan. To gauge your ability to return the money you borrowed, they're zero in on the following: income, housing expenses and proof of available cash. Income is your elearning potential, which is always something of interest for mortgage lenders. Your housing expenses, on the other hand, allow them to get an idea of ​​how much you can afford to pay them every month. Expect home loan providers to require documentary proof of how much cash you have available for your down payment and closing fees.

Credit Risk

How credit-worthy are you? Mortgage lenders would love you for your great credit score and conversely, shun you if you do not. To know which category you fall under, they'll check your credit card use, payment history and overall debt. Computely used-up credit card balances are red flags to any mortgage company, as well as the tendency to pay monthly bills late. Being deep in debt also means you're not a prime candidate for a loan.


Collateral is any object of value – a house, a car or a work of art- you own and offer as backup, should a time come that you're unable to fully repay your loan. The value of your collateral will increase, however if it is already mortgaged. …

Balancing Pregnancy, Life, and Work

Have you ever walked into a room or sat at your desk and looked at the pile of crap that has to get done? As you’re standing there you wonder how in the world can two people, who feel like they are never home, accumulate that much laundry and dishes. I mean seriously. The amount of laundry that piles up in my house with just my husband and me is insane and I know it’s going to get worse when little Davie gets here. I’ve never been a superb house keeper but as I stared the third trimester in the face I knew I had to start changing habits now in order to make our lives easier once our lives get turned upside down with a newborn.

The first order of business? Catching up on all the housework I hadn’t done in the first trimester. For those that didn’t know the first trimester was rough. I was sick all the time and I had absolutely no energy. I was easily in bed by 7 and regularly took naps on my lunch break at work. The house was the absolute last thing on my radar and it showed. So here’s where I started putting my game plan together.

Step 1: De-clutter, Deep Clean, and Reorganize. I knew that I wanted to get rid of as much crap in the house as we possibly could but I also knew that if I didn’t break down the projects into more “bite-size” pieces that I wouldn’t get any of it done. So I made a “Nesting To Do List” where I broke down each room and what needed to be cleaned and/or replaced. I made a commitment to get one “big” project done a week. Whether it was going through my closet and dressers or decluttering our desk (that had become a catch all) I got something done each week. That has been such a tremendous help. Within a month my kitchen, laundry room, guest room, master bedroom and bathroom was gone through and cleaned. This included going through and getting rid of excess clothes, knick-knacks, pots, pans, dishes, shoes, bags, anything and everything I didn’t need or use often was donated. I washed down walls, cleaned ceiling fans, appliances, etc. This is Spring Cleaning on Crack. I swear to you it has made all the difference in the world and keeping it on the fridge helps keep it in the forefront of my mind. I’ll explain why here soon.

Step 2: Set a New Precedent. Start small don’t make your new “rule” CLEAN ALL THE THINGS EVERY DAY. You are setting yourself up for failure that way. I started by making sure dinner’s dishes did not sit in the sink over night. I made my sink of hot, soapy water before I started cooking and as I was finished with something I would put it in the sink. That way you avoid the “I’ll just let this soak here overnight.” Nope. No more …

Four Basic Steps For Choosing The Best Kitchen Gadgets

Choosing the BEST KITCHEN GADGETS is all about making the right choice when it comes to shopping for kitchen utensils. Having regrets after purchasing your utensils may either be that you did not make good research (reviews) on the product; did not consider your kitchen budget; did not consider your kitchen size and above all have less need for the equipment. In most kitchen, about 9% of the kitchen budget goes to kitchen accessories, and you may absolutely do not want to misuse your fund by getting accessories that won’t be beneficial in your kitchen adventure; so ensuring better choices during your quest for kitchen gadgets will safe you from lot of troubles. Of course selecting your gadget carefully is to know about its sturdiness, performance and durability of your accessories ensuring the value for your money and enhancing high performance during your meal prep time. This article seeks to clear your worries when choosing the best kitchen gadgets for your kitchen.

These are some of the laid down points to consider while planning on getting your Best Kitchen Gadgets:

  • Features, Durability and performance
  • Your kitchen budget
  • Your kitchen size
  • Gadget brand name

Features, Durability and Performance:

We believe that there are unique features in appliance that makes you choose a particular appliance over another. So knowing and understanding what will solve your kitchen worries is important as you won’t regret after making a choice. Also the gadget performance might be what you’ll like to consider too as the main aim of going for them is to improve performance in your kitchen; Gadgets brand, Materials they are made off and how sturdy they are might give you a clue on the gadget’s performance.

Your Kitchen Budgets:

Of course you might not want to spend a 4 digit in your account for a piece of equipment that will be a total crap after few weeks; so in making budget or plans for your kitchen gadgets it should be for the best of it service. Having careful plan set up is very vital as it will help you spend less for a sturdy and durable kitchen equipment’s. Make no mistakes purchasing random kitchen gadgets without assessing the use it will be put into because it might really be a pain in the head when it serve no purpose in your kitchen.

Your Kitchen Size:

In choosing your kitchen accessories, you should know the size of your kitchen and as well know how to place the few recommended once for convenience. Stay off from bulky appliances when your kitchen size is small; as you need more working space in your kitchen for convenience. The good news is that both big and small kitchens can be well equip to render the same services at any point in time.

Gadget Brand Name:

Shopping with long standing manufacturers with a reputable brand name gives an edge when shopping for your best kitchen gadgets. This is important as so many crappy things won’t happen along the line …