Thinking Outside The Baby Shower Gift Box

Baby Showers are thrown to "shower gifts" upon the mother to be. Adding a baby to the family requires adding a lot of new inventory to the medicine cabinet and food pantry. It also means you have to fill dresser drawers and changing tables with the many supplies that will be used in the care of the new baby.

The new baby will likely receive all sorts of baby bottles and tiny little one piece outfits with cute pictures on them. There will be bottle upon bottle of lotions and soaps to keep the new arrival smelling fresh and sweet. Then there will be the tiny socks in the soft pastel colors to make those little baby feet nice and warm.

Stop just for a moment, if you will, and think about mom. While I am sure that mom will be 100% grateful for all of the above-mentioned shower gifts, these gifts are technically for the baby and not for mom. It is time to think outside of the baby shower box and remember mom.

Mom's bath time will now be cut by 80% (note: not a scientifically proven number) with the new addition so how about helping her enjoy that little time she does have by giving her a bath set of her own. She would love to have some bath salts and oils for the tub. When she gets out of the tub she would relish being able to enjoy some fresh body lotion that was in her favorite scent. Oh, that most comfortable feeling she could have been wrapped in a plush soft new bath towel after her relaxing bath.

Adult only time will be a precious commodity that will have a 97.8% reduction after the arrival of the new baby (note: once again not a scientifically proven number). You could have the one that helps the new mom enjoy this time the most by giving her a gift of a new set of wine glasses or cocktail glasses.

Kitchen help would also be a wonderful gift for the new mom. More than likely the time mom has to spend in the kitchen will not be reduced. In fact, there is a good chance that mom will have to spend and even greater amount of time in the kitchen. Why do not you be the one to help her here? There are many outstanding baby shower gifts that could make kitchen time a breeze. A well-made cutlery set could save mom time and energy. There are a plethora of small kitchen appliances that can make mom's life easier. Coffee makers, food processors, blenders, kitchen tool sets. The ideas are almost limitless

I have supplied you with some unscientific numbers just to prove another fact that very well may be scientifically backed up. 1000% is the increase in enjoyment that the new mom will get from baby shower gifts that are for her to enjoy in her new, limited mommy time. I do not want you to forget …

How Do You Define What a Good Mailing List Is? Part 1

Part 1

Many people worry about mailing lists, but you need to remember; with mailing lists is it not hard. There are a whole bunch of them to choose from. It truly depends on what you want to target. Say you are looking for pretty houses. And for the sake of argument let's say you are looking in the medium price range.

Here is some information for you. Know that 72% of the foreclosures in America Happen the first year of ownership. That is correct!

Did you really know that in the first two years of ownership and a large percentage (72%) of foreclosures happened in the first year? So homes where people have been in them for three or four years may or may not be as good as target as the people who have been in them less than a year. And you know there is a tunnel list you can get.

Do not forget about the military. Military is a good list for you to rent. Military homeowners are an easy list. Any list company can give you that. They are transient and they have to move. You will not get a lot of equity in them but it is easy equity. Be careful dealing with the military though make sure that the person that is in the military is not deployed and you are buying the house without an attorney involved. They have laws on that you know! Frankly if you are mailing out the yellow letter, it can be as simple as targeting the area where you want to do business knowing you are going to get a lot of calls and most of them are going to be wasted. But that is okay … you are only looking for the handy that pass through the screening.

You also would at least probably want to mail to people. You know, you could do a carrier route but that is cheap, you do not even have to buy stamps. I just would mail to the whole zip code if I was going to a carrier route.

You can spend the next two days creating lists, but you still would not get to the bottom of it. It really comes down to you having to decide … pick a couple three lists you want to mail to and try it, and see what is working the best and continue doing that. You are going to picking lists for quite awhile until you find out the ones that are most productive for you!

In part 2 we are going to dig deeper with lists. Get ready! …